World History


Gifts of Remembrance at the Wall

Near the base of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, comrades and loved ones leave their poignant tokens of remembrance


The Floods That Carved the West

In a geological catastrophe, a lake exploded through an Ice Age dam, and its waters swept across the Pacific Northwest; signs of its passage visible


If You Can't Bear to Part With It, Open a New Museum

Because the chances are, if you love your Mario Lanza albums or your old skate key, there are others who feel the same way


One Man's Private Cache Pays Off For The Rest of Us

From the muddy yard of a private collector to the dresser drawers of a dealer, Mitchell Wolfson ransacks the world for his finds


Mrs. Malaprop's Mangled Prose Set a President

Grande dame of an 18th-century comedy, she has been an aspiration to all who read boners, gaffes and mutilations perpetrated upon the English language


Smithsonian Perspectives

The modern museum trend toward interpretive exhibitions presents both challenges and opportunities

Photo of Robert Ripley, the creator of Believe It or Not

Believe It or Not, Rip Was Almost as Odd as His Items

Incredible! Incomparable! Robert L. Ripley, who won fame and fortune by celebrating the outlandish, was himself a prime example


Giving New Life to Haida Art and the Culture It Expresses

Robert Davidson and Bill Reid rediscovered their past with the help of anthropologists, old books, tribal elders and a common ancestor

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