World History


Run Silent, Run Deep

In the Cold War's undersea cat and mouse game, the prize went to the submarine that could

Attila the Hunk

Engraving of the Arctic explorer Charles Francis Hall

Arctic Arsenic

Charles Francis Hall was murdered during an expedition that might have taken him to the North Pole decades before Peary. Or was he?


The Madness That Swept Miami

Political controversies have rocked Florida lately, but they can't compare with the hysteria unleashed during the land boom of the 1920s


The Dogs of War

There's a special quality in some dogs —call it loyalty, heroism or just plain courage— that comes alive under fire


Inscribing the Word

At a scriptorium in Wales, calligraphers are applying medieval arts to create the 21st-century Saint John's Bible

George Gustav Heye

A Passionate Collector


Searching for Gavrilo Princip

Eighty-six years ago the Serbian teenager shot an Archduke and set Europe on the road to World War I. Today he is all but forgotten

Catacombs of Paris

Empire of the Dead


When War Called, Davis Answered

The first modern war correspondent, Richard Harding Davis covered the first modern wars


In Praise of Pianos...

Capture of the Pirate, Blackbeard, 1718, Jean Leon Gerome Ferris, painted in 1920

A Fury from Hell—or Was He?

As underwater archaeologists pull artifacts from what may be the wreck of Blackbeard's flagship, historians raise new questions about the legendary pirate


Splendors of Topkapi



A risky experiment reveals how medieval engines of war brought down castle walls


Jeu de Paume, Anyone?

Pete Sampras and the Williams sisters play tennis. The author and his fancy French friends prefer its ancestor


Who the Devil is the Devil?


Outsmarting Napoleon

War games enthusiasts use miniature soldiers and multiple-terrain boards to simulate real battles


Out of Egypt: Art in the Age of the Pyramids

A landmark exhibition showcases the creative genius that burgeoned during the Old Kingdom


Mount Athos, Where "Every Stone Breathes Prayers"

At this remote sanctuary, art and religion have intertwined for 1,000 years


Terror in A.D. 1000?

While we look to the new millennium with both trepidation and amusement, medieval scholars argue about what really happened at this time 1,000 years ago

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