Are the Sands of the Namib Desert Really Rusting?

The reddish hues of the vast dunes of the Namib Desert in southern Africa are a result of concentrations of iron in the sand

Braving Shark-Infested Waters for a Look at This Big Fish

Fisherman Andy Coetzee is in the middle of a dangerous dive, in the shark-filled waters of the Indian Ocean

Catching a Giant 30-lb. Perch With a Wooden Reel

Fisherman and adventurer Andy Coetzee is going traditional with his bid to snare a giant perch

Fishing for Perch in Nile Crocodile-Filled Waters

South African fisherman Andy Coetzee has his eyes set on a giant perch--a massive freshwater predator fish indigenous to the waters of Uganda

How Bad Weather Delayed the Norman Invasion of England

It's 1066 and William of Normandy and his massive army of 14,000 men are preparing to cross the English Channel and invade England

The Violent 1066 Battle of Stamford Bridge

The 1066 battle of Stamford Bridge was said to be so violent that a giant mountain of bones remained a half century later

Which Famous Music Icons Lived in These Chicago Homes?

Chicago has always been a hotbed of musical talent

The Startling Alternative Theory of How Humans Arrived in America

On an island off the east coast of Maryland, a stone spearpoint sticking out of a coastal cliff stuns archaeologists

Terrifying Mammals That May Have Greeted Early Humans in America

Arriving in the Chesapeake Bay, the early American inhabitants' first order of business would have been to craft weapons to defend themselves

Yes, You Can Go Sandboarding in the Namib Desert

The Namibian town of Swakopmund is a top tourist draw for desert lovers. Popular activities include quad-biking and sandboarding down its massive dunes

This Is How Hard It Is to Catch a 40-lb. Dogtooth With a Reel

Fisherman Andy Coetzee is holding onto his fishing line for dear life, as a monstrous tug threatens to drag him into the ocean

Window Cleaning One of Chicago's Tallest Buildings

Chicago, home to some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world, throws some pretty unusual challenges at its daring window cleaners

How Edward the Confessor's Advisor Seized Power

In 1066, the English king Edward the Confessor lay dying in his bed. Three powerful men had strong claims to succeed him

Inside South Africa's Multi-Million Dollar Seafood Industry

Abalone, a large sea snail native to the Western Cape, is a popular local delicacy. To meet demand, the seafood industry created abalone farms

Spectacular Sights of Wolfberg Arch Up-Close

The Wolfberg Arch, located in the Cederberg mountain area in Western Cape, South Africa, is an awe-inspiring 160-foot-long sandstone formation

This Molecule Could Explain the Origin of Life

Hydrogen cyanide is a molecule that appears to be at the heart of the creation of life. To create it, scientists need a burst of energy

We're All Made of Stardust. Here's How

13.8 billion years ago, the universe began with a big bang and the atoms it created would find their way into everything

Why Deception Valley's Deadly Heat is Good for Wildlife

The harsh climate of Deception Valley, a remote section of the Kalahari, deters people from living there

Why King Harold's Rapid Coronation Sparked Outrage

The fast ascension of Harold Godwinson to the English throne in 1066 was greeted with fury by rivals Duke William of Normandy and Viking Harald Hardrada

You Won't Believe the Size of Botswana's Salt Flats

In Deception Valley, giant salt flats the size of Portugal are a major boon to the Botswanan economy

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