How Did a Grizzly Bear Get on California's Flag?

As more and more settlers began to pour into California throughout the 1840s, a chain of events led to the Bear Flag Revolt

How America's Public Parks Were Born

Learn how Central Park, the first of its kind, was given a completely visionary design that's since influenced cities around the country

The Incredible Things a Hammerhead's Nose Can Do

A hammerhead shark is capable of detecting a single drop of fish oil in a body of water equivalent to an Olympic-size swimming pool

The Colonial Settlement That Vanished Into Thin Air

An entire colony of English settlers disappeared from Roanoke Island, just outside North Carolina's Outer Banks

Ways to Avoid Losing Oxygen in a Submarine

In 1940, German U-boat commander Otto Kretschmer's submarine was under siege for hours and his crew grew tremendously stressed

Why Brown Bears Are Misunderstood

Historically feared by humans, brown bears were once aggressively hunted in the contiguous U.S.

How Do Your Checked Bags Actually Get on the Plane?

Your bags usually make the same journey you do. But before they've even boarded, they're in for a six-mile automated trip through the bowels of the airport

What Ultra High Speed Penguin Footage Reveals About Pliosaurus

How did the pliosaurus, a 45-foot-long underwater prehistoric predator, keep up with its prey? A biomechanics expert finds answers by observing the penguin

This Man Controls the Ways You Walk in Airports

Many airports employ passenger flow experts to look out for travel patterns among passengers. From there, they can change the airport's infrastructure

Did Atlantis Really Have Indoor Plumbing?

In 1967, archeologists discovered Akrotiri. It may be the missing city of Atlantis, as well as the origin of the modern toilet

The Civil War Prisoner Camp That Became a Place of Horror

The Confederate Civil War prisoner camp in Andersonville, Georgia, was an utter nightmare for the many soldiers held within

The World's First Camels Roamed...South Dakota?

The Badlands of South Dakota are filled with the fossils of fascinating and surprising prehistoric animals

Muhammad Ali's Brother on Racism and the Medal Myth

Still fresh from his Olympic win, boxing legend Muhammad Ali was turned away from a restaurant in his hometown that didn't serve African Americans

A Breathtaking 110-Mile Alaskan Railroad Built in Two Years

Built during the Klondike Gold Rush in 1898, the Yukon and White Pass Railway is a stunning sight

The Entire Bay of Santorini Is an Active Volcanic Crater

What happened to the giant volcano thought to have destroyed Atlantis? The answer may be the island of Santorini...all of it

How 60 Million Bison Became 1,000 in a Century

In the late 1700s, more than 60 million bison roamed the Great Plains. Over the years, demand for fur and meat drove their numbers down

What Really Happened to Wilt Chamberlain's 100-Point Ball?

An NBA expert has interviewed over 150 people in a quest to track down the ball used in Wilt Chamberlain's 1962 100-point game

The Spectacular Draw of Devils Tower National Monument

In the wilderness of Wyoming, there's a magnificent pillar of ancient lava so unique, that even geologists are at odds on exactly how it was formed

Can Tree Rings Explain the Demise of a Lost Civilization?

Archaeologists look to trees to determine the destruction of a pre-Columbian civilization found in southern Illinois

The Best Way to Find IEDs?

A dog's sense of smell is 100,000 more sensitive than a human's. That's why the U.S. military uses them to detect improvised explosive devices

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