Rare WWII Submarine Dog Fight Turns Deadly

On February 9, 1945, two submarines are poised to engage in a direct, underwater confrontation. It's the first - and only - underwater submarine dog fight

The First Submarine to Launch Rockets From Its Deck

It's June 1945 and the USS Barb has just launched an unprecedented attack on the factories of the Japanese island of Shari

This 1812 American Frigate Could Take a Direct Cannon Hit

A British frigate fires on the USS Constitution - but its shots either miss or rebound off its tough oak hull

This Tiny Island Was Key for Allied Forces to Secure North Africa

During WWII, Nazi forces were preparing to take the coastal city of Tobruk and tighten their grip on North Africa

This U.S. Sub Launched an Attack on a Japanese Train

The USS Barb had an unusual target in its sights in 1945 - one that wasn't even in the water. It was a Japanese supply train on the island of Karafuto

Why Shipbuilders Were Forced to Stop Using British Oak

After the Napoleonic Wars caused a shortage of British Oak, frigate builders looked all over the empire for an alternative. They found one in India

A Torpedo Malfunction Threatens to Destroy a U.S. Submarine

The USS Silversides is patrolling the Pacific during WWII when it finds itself in a terrifying situation: one of its torpedoes has jammed

How Napalm Bombs Intensified U.S. Attacks During WWII

Bombing ground targets from the air is tricky and not always accurate. But a new type of bomb creates an unimaginable level of destruction

How the British Navy Camouflaged Their Ships Using Art

The British Navy knew it couldn't completely disguise a ship to protect it from attack during WWI. So they turned to 'Dazzle Painting'

This Secret Boat Was Built for a WWII Invasion That Never Happened

In 2011, declassified CIA documents shed light on a covert government program dating back to WWII

U.S. Troops in the Pacific Treat Themselves to a Little R&R

A brief respite from the frontlines of the Pacific War sees American troops trying to inject a little comfort into their lives

Why Depth Charges Don't Have to Touch a Submarine to Sink It

It's 1942 and the USS Silversides, a U.S. submarine submerged in the Pacific, is frantically trying to dodge depth charges dropped by a Japanese warship

Two-horned Diceratherium rhinos

When Rhinos Once Roamed in Washington State

Road-tripping through prehistoric times on the West Coast

Actual Combat Footage of the Battle of the Philippines Sea

Relive the aerial dogfights and naval clashes of the Battle of the Philippines Sea, thanks to stunning color footage

Five Young Lion Brothers Mate With One Lioness

A group of five adolescent male lions - dubbed the Musketeers - are wandering the desert looking to find their own kingdom

Hostile Lioness Withholds Food From Hungry Orphaned Cubs

A group of orphaned lion cubs are facing an uncertain future

How Italy Used Human Torpedoes to Attack British Ships

On December 16, 1941, the Italian navy launched a daring attack on three British ships outside Alexandria harbor

The Oldest American Combat Ship Ever Found

In 1935, an old wooden boat was found in a lake in upstate New York. It was the USS Philadelphia - the oldest U.S. gunboat ever recovered

These Women Stepped In to Fill a WWII Pilot Shortage

When a shortage of pilots in WWII forced the U.S. Air Force to recruit women, America was captivated

This Pacific Island Gave U.S. Troops a Chance to Recharge

For the vast majority of American troops, Saipan was their first experience of tropical living

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