Rare Color Footage of WWII Navy Hazing Rituals

Many WWII naval recruits serving on U.S. ships had never been away from home. To strengthen their bonds, they organized colorful initiation rituals

Why the U.S. Military Pushed $10 Million Worth of Helicopters Overboard

It's 1975, and a small Vietnamese civilian aircraft is desperate to land on the flight deck of a U.S. aircraft carrier

Why the USSR's First Nuclear Submarine Was a Disaster

The U.S. developed the world's first nuclear submarine in 1954 - and the USSR felt pressured to respond

How This Brave Young Woman Saved Danish Jews From Nazis

Henny Sundø is a pivotal figure in the history of WWII Danish resistance. In 1943, aged just 19, she risked it all to make a daring journey in her boat

A Rare Glimpse of Pre-War Army Life in Color

In 1939, America's military was far from the powerful force it is today, with just 600,000 servicemen

The Wise U.S. Tactic Used to Win the Battle of Midway

For the U.S., the Battle of Midway wasn't just a turning point in the Pacific, it was also a brilliant naval gamble that paid off in spectacular fashion


When Air Traffic Control Realized a 9/11 Flight Was Gone

As news starts pouring in of an attack on the World Trade Center, concerned air traffic controllers begin to suspect the worst

Children in Internment Camps: A Japanese American's Reflection

Life for the 110,000 Japanese-Americans living in internment camps was oddly surreal: they could work, study, pray, even join the military

A Clever Cuttlefish Goes in for the Kill

In a sandy gully, a school of razorfish are being stalked by an invisible predator and a master of disguise: the crafty cuttlefish

How FDR Took the First Steps Towards Ending Prohibition

In 1932, nine days after his inauguration, President Roosevelt signed an order authorizing the sale of beer

Why Al Capone Wasn't Your Typical Discreet Gangster

Al Capone wasn't just one of the biggest distributers of bootleg alcohol during Prohibition, he also embraced his notoriety in some flamboyant ways

The 1964 Olympics Was Pivotal to Postwar Tokyo

The economic and infrastructure rebuilding of postwar Tokyo was nothing short of a miracle. It culminated with hosting the 1964 Olympic Games

Tokyo's Modernization Was Fueled by This Disastrous Earthquake

In 1923, Tokyo lay in ruins after the devastation of the Great Kanto Earthquake. Just seven years later, it was a city reborn

A Polar Bear Released Back Into the Wild by Helicopter

A marauding polar bear is about to be returned to the the wild, as far away as possible from the town of Churchill

How Churchill Protects Itself From Polar Bears

Conservationists have tracked down a polar bear who has taken to venturing into nearby Churchill. The next step is to airlift him by helicopter

This Footage of Jaguars in Panama Could Save Their Lives

Ricardo Moreno is on a mission to convince Panamanian farmers not to hunt jaguars, which they fear are preying on their livestock

This Famous Singer Ditched L.A. for a Five-Year Retreat

The San Gabriel Mountains lure lots of Angelenos looking for some quiet seclusion

Why Los Angeles Is One of the Best Places to Film

The San Gabriel Mountains lure lots of Angelenos looking for some quiet seclusion. One of the more famous was Leonard Cohen who spent five years there

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