Wind turbines a bird could love

10 Inventions You Haven’t Heard About

Apple's iPhone 5 will get all the attention this month, but here are some lesser-known innovations whose time has also come

Flying into the future

NASA Sparks Its Imagination

Rovers that ride winds on Venus, robots that roll like tumbleweeds and other wild ideas for exploring space


Rare People Who Remember Everything

Scientists are taking a closer look at the extremely rare people who remember everything from their pasts. And yes, their brains are different.

The "Gateway to Space" in Spaceport America, a 4,000-square-foot gallery where visitors can watch launches.

A Sneak Peek at the First Commercial Spaceport

The hub of Richard Branson's plans for Virgin Galactic, where tourists and scientists alike take off for the great beyond


What is the Future of College Education?

More and more top American universities are offering courses online for free. Going to college will never be the same again

Can sensors make you jump higher?

Is That a Computer in Your Shoe?

Sensors in sports shoes get all the attention, but other devices can identify you by how you walk and help Alzheimer’s patients find their way home

Kitchen tech teaches chefs to cut along a virtual line.

Cooking With Robots

Along with motion-sensing cameras and projectors creating augmented reality, they'll likely be among the tools training chefs of the future

Augmented reality puts flesh on dinosaur bones.

Augmented Reality Livens up Museums

We still have to wait a bit for Google Goggles, but augmented reality is moving mainstream, even bringing museum dinosaurs to life


Smartphone as Doctor

Some think that little computer you carry around with you is about to bring a sea change in the doctor-patient relationship. Is data power?

HondaLink brings connected cars into the mainstream.

Cars With Benefits

Soon new cars will have Internet access so carmakers are developing ways to reduce distractions. Like turning on the radio with the wink of an eye


Scenes From a Changing Planet

Landsat satellites have been taking photos of Earth for a long time, but only now can you watch zoomable, time-lapse images of the planet's transformation.

Is there an end in sight for Alzheimer's?

The Race For an Alzheimer’s Miracle

Researchers have made a flurry of discoveries related to memory loss recently. But will they really help us find a way to keep brains from shutting down?

After 69 days trapped deep in Chile's San José  copper mine, 33 miners, hauled from the depths one at a time, stepped out of the tiny capsule and into the embrace of a cheering world.

The Capsule That Saved the Chilean Miners

The Natural History museum offers an inside look at the dramatic rescue of men trapped half a mile underground in a Chilean copper mine

The kindness of strangers can pay dividends.

A Game Where Nice Guys Finish First

Researchers found that when it comes to building social networks, people much prefer someone who likes to cooperate over a person who looks out for himself

Where is air travel headed?

Will Flying Get Its Mojo Back?

Changes are on the way that should ease the grim gauntlet of long lines, security checks and cramped seats

New smart phone apps highlight the importance of good sleep.

Snooze Science Yields Doze Apps

Now you can reportedly track what your brain has been doing all night, all in the name of a good night's sleep

Boston Dynamic's Big Dog robot would carry supplies in the battlefield.

In the Military, Inventiveness of All Kinds Is a Weapon

Experts say a changing battlefield prompts calls for increasing emotional intelligence as well as technical prowess

The Geobulb LED light bulb

Don’t Curse the Darkness, Get One of the Bright New Lights

It's time to say good-bye to the iconic, but inefficient incandescent bulb and welcome in LEDs

"Car of the future" sketch from Ford

1955 Imagines Travel in 1965

The Ford Motor Company envisioned a Batmobile in every garage.

Although the lander may appear “flimsy and gangly,” says NASM curator Allan Needell, the craft represents “a very pure design built for a very specific mission.”

Apollo 11's Giant Leap for Mankind

When the lunar module landed on the moon, it provided an unforgettable moment for the millions watching back on Earth

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