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The RoboRoach

Cyborg Cockroaches May Become New Teaching Tools in Neuroscience Classes

Roach neurons aren't that different than human neurons, making the RoboRoach a learning tool for all sorts of basic principles of neuroscience

New At-Home Test Could Tell Women If Their Pregnancy Has Terminated

Women who both do and do not want to be pregnant could benefit from the new test

The fire near Colorado Spring as of yesterday afternoon.

Colorado Wildfire Forces Evacuations, Threatens World’s Highest Suspension Bridge

A series of three wildfires are currently tearing through Colorado

Gold Nanoparticles May Be the Future of Male Contraception

A twist in the on-going quest for a male contraceptive

Planetary Resources president Chris Lewicki stands next to the Arkyd space telescope.

A Space-Based Telescope for the People Wants Your Support

An asteroid mining company wants your money to put a satellite telescope that you can control into space

The chemical rearrangement of oligo-(phenylene-1,2-ethynylenes) as seen in the microscope image (top) and the stick diagram of the molecular structure.

For the First Time, See What the Most Basic Chemistry Actually Looks Like

For the first time scientists used a microscope to see a chemical reaction

Google Will Now Tell You the Nutrition Information for Foods

Google can now bring up nutrition information for certain foods you search

How Companies Use Data To Hire, Fire and Promote

Companies are turning to data to help them hire new workers, and compare how their employees are doing

A bridge over another part of the Skagitt River

America’s Bridges Really Are Getting Old: One Just Collapsed Into the Skagit River

While there may not be money laying around to fix bridges, there are certainly bridges laying around that need fixing

Smog in a Beijing neighborhood

China Plans to Regulate Some of Its Carbon Emissions for the First Time Ever

In an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the country will implement a carbon trading scheme in seven cities by 2014

An Aging Mathematician Made a Major Dent in One of Math’s Oldest Problems

Before his breakthrough involving the twin prime conjecture, Yitang Zhang struggled to find work in academia and even took a job at Subway

Aside from both being drugs to encourage sexual activity, female desire drugs have very little in common with drugs like Viagra.

Don’t Call Female Desire Drugs ‘Lady Viagra’

Other than their intended purpose—encouraging sexual activity—female desire drugs and Viagra are completely different things

Dentists Discovered the Tooth-Saving Properties of Fluoride by Accident

This is the fourth time Portland has voted on fluoride, and it certainly won't be the last


3D-Printed Pizza Brings Us One Step Closer to Meal-in-a-Pill

Laid down layer by layer using protein powders and other things, this 3D food printer could be the way of our culinary future

The village of Gorak Shep.

Mount Everest Climbers’ Waste Could Power Local Villages

If successful, the project will be the world's highest elevation biogas reactor and could be introduced to other high altitude areas around the world

Parasitic hookworms in a person’s intestinal lining.

Jury-Rigged iPhone Microscope Can See Parasitic Worms Just Fine

The new contraption detected giant roundworm eggs 81 percent of the time and roundworm eggs 54 percent of the time in village samples in Tanzania

Easy-Peasy Test Finds Serious Fetal Health Issues Earlier

Scientists can detect signs of Down Syndrome, brain damage and a preterm delivery using this new urine test

3-D Printed Gun Plans Are Going to Be on the Internet, Whatever the State Department Says


Feel Your Head Roll With This Virtual Reality Guillotine Simulator

Through a combination if sight and touch, virtual reality can actually be incredibly realistic

Dawn LeClair, member of the 1975 Wickenburg High School Math Club, sits in front of the paper clip computer.

Can You Build a Computer Out of Paper Clips?

You might never have asked yourself this question, because it's a pretty weird question, but the answer is essentially yes

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