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Letter From Chinese Labor Camp Prisoner Found in Kmart Decorations

The letter's author described 15 hour work days, no days off and pay of around $1.61 per day after receiving sentencing without a trial

All of Zeus’s Affairs, Visualized

‘In Cold Blood’ Killers Exhumed

Richard Hickock and Perry Smith's bodies were exhumed yesterday, as part of an investigation into four murders committed in Florida in 1959


Native American Woman May Have Made It to Europe 500 Years Before Columbus Was Born

Before the Civil War, There Were 8,000 Different Kinds of Money in the U.S.

It wasn't until after the war that the U.S. started to really use the dollar

Drinking Tea Was Once Considered an Irresponsible, Reckless Pursuit for Women

Poor Irish women who drank tea in the 19th century might as well have been chugging a bottle of whiskey

Blame Napoleon for Our Addiction to Sugar

Prior to 1850, sugar was a hot commodity that only society's most wealthy could afford

Archeologists Uncover Utah’s First Mormon Baptistry

Archeologists uncovered the remains of the first Latter-day Saints baptistry in Utah County, build around 1875

Scanned pages from the Oculists’ coded text.

Cracking a German Secret Society’s Centuries-Old Encrypted Code

A secret society with ties to the Freemason's coded text has been cracked

The IDF’s Flickr page is full of images of their generals and tanks.

Israel and Gaza Are Now at War Both Online and in Reality

On the ground and online, the battle between Israel and Gaza are escalating quickly

Is Your Syndrome Named After a Nazi?

Many are probably unaware that their condition has a Nazi's name attached to it

Killer robots storm the Winter Palace.

Australian Students Accidentally Taught That Robots Led the Russian Revolution

Nearly 6,000 Australian students were inadvertently taught this week that giant robots led the Russian Revolution thanks to a sloppy exam staff Google job


Happy Birthday Rodin, Sculptor And Breaker of Women’s Hearts

Rodin's contribution to society lives on in his artistic works, but he wrecked a few lives in his time


Brits Have Invaded Nine Out of Ten Countries

At various times, a new study found, the British have invaded almost 90 per cent of the countries around the globe

Napoleon’s Army May Have Suffered From the Greatest Wardrobe Malfunction in History

Historians still puzzle over Napoleon's catastrophic Russian defeat, but materials scientists think the army's buttons may be to blame

Cracking the Code of the World’s Oldest Undeciphered Language

Even Darwin Could Be a Debbie Downer

A few bouts of angst written by Darwin reveal that no one is immune to the blues

Indiana Jones Cat doesn’t mind snakes so much.

Men Chasing Cat Stumble Upon 2,000-Year-Old Roman Treasures

A 2,000-year old burial chamber was discovered with the help of a cat


1950s Game Show Guest Had a Secret: He Saw Lincoln’s Assassination

A 5-year old Samuel J. Seymour saw Lincoln's assassination, lived to talk about it on a 1956 game show

“Sweaty troops on the beach prepare to move out.”

Never-Before-Seen Photos Taken 50 Years Ago During Preparations for Cuba Invasion

During the dark days of October 1962, Marines trained on the Puerto Rican island of Vieques to train for an amphibious assault on Cuba

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