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Anna S. Harrington portrayed Aunt Jemima during promotional events in the 1930s and '40s. Her great-grandsons say she helped develop the brand's self-rising pancake mix recipe.

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In 2014, Descendants of Woman Who Played Aunt Jemima Sued Quaker Oats

The case, which was later dismissed by a judge, accused the company of failing to pay royalties to Anna S. Harrington

Jitterbugging in a juke joint, Saturday evening, outside Clarksdale, Mississippi, 1939

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See Depression-Era Photos from Your Hometown

Thousands of images collected to document rural life from 1934 to 1944 are available to peruse online through an interactive project

The ruins of Tokat Castle in northern Turkey.

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Archaeologists Think They’ve Found the Dungeon Where Dracula Was Kept

Vlad the Impaler was likely held captive in Turkey's Tokat Castle

Part of a 600-year-old canoe was found in New Zealand, featuring this rare carving of a sea turtle.

New Research

One Very Old Canoe Could Help Explain How Polynesian Sailors Colonized New Zealand

New climate analysis and a very old canoe help researchers understand how the Polynesians got around

A different Wyandotte chicken, this one still with head firmly attached.

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Mike the Chicken Lived for 18 Months Without a Head

In 1945, a decapitation gone awry gave birth to Miracle Mike

Blood vessels of the neck and head

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Blood Vessels Left Imprint on 2,000 Year Old Mummy

An Egyptian mummy's skull contains the imprint of blood vessels surrounding its brain

New Research

More Women Have Reproduced Than Men

A new study shows that more women than men have contributed to the human gene pool

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How Conversations Around Campfire Might Have Shaped Human Cognition And Culture

We can perhaps thank campfire story time for getting us where we are today

Bush Barrow was the original resting place of the intricate gold-studded dagger that researchers now believe was crafted by children.

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One of the U.K.'s Most Extraordinary Artifacts Was Likely Made by Children

The intricate work found on a dagger in 1808 was likely done by children

Till death do us part: This couple has been holding hands for 700 years.

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This Skeleton Couple Has Been Holding Hands for 700 Years

The couple's remains are just one of the discoveries recently made in the "lost chapel" of St. Morrell

The pyramids of Giza were constructed between 2575 and 2465 BC. The monument in Israel dates to between 3050 and 2650 BC.

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Huge Structure in Israel Older Than Pyramids

The crescent-shaped stone pile may once have been a border marker

The remains of S.S. Frank H. Buck peek above the surface during low tide off San Francisco's Lands End.

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The Waters Around San Francisco Conceal a Graveyard of Historic Ships

Hundreds of wrecks, potentially, await discovery and exploration

The skeleton of Richard III

New Research

Richard III Suffered Severe Head Wounds in Battle

Analysis of the skeleton revels that he was likely not wearing a helmet when he died

A screenshot from the Metafilter discussion "Plane crashes in to the wor[l]d trade center."

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This Is How the Internet Reacted to Two Planes Crashing Into the WTC on 9/11/01

The Metafilter page discussing 9/11 is still online

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Crowns, Beheadings, Rebellions—Bone Up on the History of Scottish Independence Before Next Week's Referendum

A vote that could change the direction of Scotland's future is a little over a week away

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Sir John Franklin’s Doomed Ship Just Turned Up in the Arctic After 170 Years

The two ships disappeared in 1846 during a British expedition trying to map the Northwest Passage

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Summer Vacation Is Actually About City Kids, Not Farm Kids

If school breaks were really scheduled around farming needs, then kids would be in the classroom during the summer months

A model depicting a Viking ring fortress layout.

New Research

Newly Discovered Viking Fortress Could Have Been a Launch Point for Invading England

The ring-shaped complex could have been used as a military training ground

New Research

Peaches Were Domesticated in China 7,500 Years Ago

Preserved peach pits reveal the origins of this sweet fruit

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Case Solved on Jack the Ripper? Not So Fast

An author and a scientist claim to have proven the identity of the notorious 19th century killer, but others say the evidence is lacking

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