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A living giant squid, captured for the first time on film.

Elusive Giant Squid Captured on Film for the First Time

The squid is about 10-feet long and was spotted over half a mile below the ocean surface about 620 miles south of Tokyo


You Can Now Buy Space Shuttle Launch Facilities

Haven't you always wanted to own a launch pad?

Get Ready for the Best Meteor Showers of 2013

The Quadrantid shower is already behind us, and star gazers will have to wait until April (the start of meteor shower season) for the next big show

Meet Nicky, the blind baby rhino

Blind Baby Rhino Rescued After Bumping Into Trees

The rescued baby is bringing attention to Lewa's efforts to protect its ailing rhino populations that are being picked off by poachers

At Auction: A 1766 Copy of ‘Aristotle’s Masterpiece,’ a Best-Selling Sex Guide Banned in England Until 1961

Banned in England until 1961, a copy of this 17th-century text is going up for auction

How To Make the Best Snowfort Ever

If you're going to win a snow battle, you've got to have a snow fort. Here's how to make the best one


Turn Your Dead Christmas Tree Into Beer

Rather than tossing your tree, turn it into spruce beer


One Family Lived on Mars Time for a Month

While a Martian day is only 39 minutes and 35 seconds longer than an Earth day, the differences quickly add up


Sushi Restaurateur Spends $1.76 Million on a Single Bluefin Tuna

A bluefin tuna goes for $3,599 per pound


There Is a Sculpture on the Moon Commemorating Fallen Astronauts

The crew of Apollo 15 placed a small aluminum sculpture on the moon to memorialize those astronauts had died


Why Do Flowers Smell Good?

Humans have loved flowers for millennia, for both their looks and their scents


Physicists Find That “Absolute Zero” May Not Be Quite So Absolute

Using lasers and magnets, a group of physicists pushed potassium atoms to a state colder than absolute zero


Two Americans Charged in Narwhal-Tusk Smuggling Ring Bust

For the past decade, these two men have allegedly been smuggling narwhal tusks

Here’s How to Get Attention for Your Research About Hookworms

This research may have a silly title, but it does answer an important question of global significance

The lack of independently-moving fingers makes replying an arduous process.

Congratulations, You Accidentally Wrote a Book Last Year

People wrote more than 40,000 words on average last year... in email


Babies Start Learning Language in the Womb

Rosetta Stone language tapes for babies may soon usurp Beethoven as the womb soundtrack of choice


Old Christmas Trees Can Be Used to Clean Medical Equipment

Someday those pesky fallen needles may help save lives—or at least sterilize needles for annual flu shots

Mild Obesity May Not Be So Bad

A recent study finds that overweight or slightly obese people live longer than normal-weight people, but critics call foul on some of these conclusions


This Is What a Watery Mars May Have Looked Like

Mars once had a vast ocean. What would that have looked like?

Graffiti Meets Chemistry, Loses

How do you actually get rid of graffiti? Chemistry, of course

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