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The great Selimiye Mosque of Edirne

Where to Go when Greece Says No: Turkey

That evening a man walked into my bush camp with a gun, marched straight at me as I gaped in shock and sprawled out beside me on my tarp

At the base of Mount Everest sits Everest ER, a medical clinic that deals with headaches, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, anxiety and other physical ailments daily.

Inside the ER at Mt. Everest

Dr. Luanne Freer, founder of the mountain’s emergency care center, sees hundreds of patients each climbing season at the foot of the Himalayas

Kenko had little trouble living with the idea that things were getting worse. "The most precious thing in life is its uncertainty," he wrote.

The Timeless Wisdom of Kenko

A 14th-century Japanese essayist's advice for troubled times runs the gamut from quirky to prescient

One of the country's most popular rappers, J-Me avoids political statements in his music. But his lyrics, he says, reflect the concerns of Myanmar's young.

Myanmar's Young Artists and Activists

In the country formerly known as Burma, these free thinkers are a force in the struggle for democracy

The rickety platforms—"norries" to the locals—carry passengers and freight on wobbly rails left over from an abandoned transit system.

Catching the Bamboo Train

Rural Cambodians cobbled old tank parts and scrap lumber into an ingenious way to get around

Shanghai’s European Suburbs

Chinese urban planners are building new towns with a foreign flair, each mimicking architecture from Europe’s storied cities


New Plymouth, New Zealand

Five minutes from the sea

"I never thought anything would come of them," John Rich says of the some 1,000 personal photographs that he made as a reporter during the war.

One Man's Korean War

John Rich's color photographs, seen for the first time after more than half a century, offer a vivid glimpse of the "forgotten" conflict

William Edgar Geil on the Great Wall at Luowenyu, June 7, 1908. William Lindesay had thumbed through Geil’s book The Great Wall of China, and was stunned by the photographs, particularly one showing Geil near a tower on a remote section of the wall. Lindesay had a photo of himself in that very spot but noticed that in his the tower was missing.

A Yankee in China

William Lindesay follows the trail of forgotten traveler, William Edgar Geil, the first man to traverse the Great Wall of China

Sun Zhenyuan views preserving the wall as a sacred mission: “If you had an old house that people were damaging, wouldn’t you want to protect it?”

The Great Wall of China Is Under Siege

China’s ancient 4,000-mile barrier, built to defend the country against invaders, is under renewed attack

Polo wrote of men with dogs’ features (a French illustration, c. 1412), among several other fantastic creatures.

Wonders and Whoppers

Following in Marco Polo's footsteps through Asia leads our intrepid author to some surprising conclusions


A Prayer for the Ganges

Across India, environmentalists battle a tide of troubles to clean up a river revered as the source of life


Swamp Ghosts

In Papua New Guinea, a journalist investigates the controversy over a World War II bomber

Outer slope of the Rano Raraku volcano, the quarry of the Moais with many uncompleted statues.

The Mystery of Easter Island

New findings rekindle old debates about when the first people arrived and why their civilization collapsed

A Hindu monk offers a morning prayer along the Ganges River.

India's Holiest City

At Varanasi, Hindu pilgrims come to pray—and to die—along the sacred Ganges River

Sleeping with Cannibals

Our intrepid reporter gets up close and personal with New Guinea natives who say they still eat their fellow tribesmen

The world's tenth longest river, the Lena flows north some 2,700 miles through resource-rich eastern Siberia, where summer high temperatures and winter lows can differ by almost 200 degrees. The area is also home to the largest contiguous forest on earth.

Navigating Siberia

A 2,300-mile boat trip down the Lena River, one of the last great unspoiled waterways, is a journey into Russia's dark past—and perhaps its future as well


Return to Da Lat

A veteran Vietnam correspondent revisits the romantic retreat where he, and so many others, sought respite from war in Indochina

As the supply of Soviet-era lots has dwindled, "cottage villages" have become prized, even though they often sacrifice the traditional dacha's forested charm. "A lot of the appeal is living in a unified social layer," says one broker.

Cabin Fever in Russia

As Muscovites get rich on oil, dachas, the rustic country houses that nourish the Russian soul, get gaudy

"These are my husband's friends. They went hunting one day and came back empty-handed.." 
- Jin Shenghua, 24 
Xuehua village

Visions of China

With donated cameras, residents of remote villages document endangered ways of life, one snapshot at a time

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