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The author's bicycle patiently poses in a land of "beauty, heartbreak and challenge" in the Molesworth wilderness.

Questing for Calories in New Zealand’s High Country

There is something liberating in running out of food. Concerns about rationing are out the window and the world is simplified into a foraging playground

Felicity Aston looks back on her journey across Antarctica.

To the Bottom of the World—and Back Again

When Felicity Aston caught sight of Antarctica's coastal mountains, she told me, "they were like a neon sign flashing at me saying, 'You have finished!'"

Pauline Symaniak, shown here before Volcan Lanin in Argentina, has been pedaling around the earth for 18 months. Much of New Zealand has failed to amaze her.

New Zealand: Too Orderly, Tidy and Tame?

After leaving her job and home to bike around the world, a cyclist finds New Zealand a little too comfortable

Andrew Bland casts for trout during a moment’s peace between passing power boats and jet skis on Lake Wanaka. Mount Aspiring stands in the background, untroubled by the commotion.

Hunting Trout in Haunting Waters

Andrew was sullen, silent and soaked to the skin after spending eight hours in the rain standing in a river waving a stick

Note the shocking price of this basket of fruit at a roadside stand in New Zealand

New Zealand and Other Travel Locales That Will Break the Bank

New Zealand is worth visiting, but I'm not sure how long I can keep traveling here while claiming to be "on the cheap"

Brushtailed possums, shown here in their native Australia, are among the most destructive pests in New Zealand.

Waging War on Mammals in New Zealand

The family spent days in a cabin eating food, provided by the New Zealand Department of Conservation, which requested to stomp on kiwi-killing vermin

Andrew Bland, brother of the author, shivers and shakes after a frigid abalone, or paua, dive in Akaroa Harbour.

Into New Zealand’s Strange Waters and Prehistoric Forests

The absence of native mammals, aside from bats and pinnipeds, gives the impression that New Zealand is still in the age of dinosaurs

Milford Sound, in Fiordland National Park, offers some of New Zealand's most thrilling scenery.

Journey to the Bottom of the Earth – Almost

Anyone would be a fool to visit the South Island and not see the cliffs and marine scenery of Milford Sound

Koalas, kangaroos and wallabies are abundant on the island and not particularly fearful, so it’s possible to have close encounters with these distant mammalian kin.

Evotourism ®

Evolution World Tour: Kangaroo Island, Australia

Mammals come in three types and the best place to see them all in one place is this small island off the southern coast of Australia

Climbers are now using Twitter from the slopes and summit of Mount Everest. Does that seem wrong?

Climbing Mount Everest in the Internet Age

Are people playing games while climbing the world’s tallest mountain? That's hard to say, but they’re definitely texting

General Joseph Stillwell's desk at the museum site in Chongqing, China

An American General’s Legacy in China

General Joseph Stilwell, U.S. Army hero and leader of American forces in China in World War II, had a tangible impact overseas that you can visit today

Beijing's "Bird's Nest"

A Prize-Winning Architecture Tour of Beijing

The next Pritzker Prize for architecture will be awarded in the Chinese capital, a tribute to its new crop of award-worthy structures

Production shot of "Chinglish"

“Chinglish” Dramatizes China-U.S. Muddles

In the new Broadway play by David Henry Hwang, an American in Beijing misinterpreting the signs

A Buddhist monk at Preah Vihear

Travel Pioneers in Southeast Asia

Ex-pat Americans in Asia lead travel firms with a difference—giving back

The great Selimiye Mosque of Edirne

Where to Go when Greece Says No: Turkey

That evening a man walked into my bush camp with a gun, marched straight at me as I gaped in shock and sprawled out beside me on my tarp

At the base of Mount Everest sits Everest ER, a medical clinic that deals with headaches, diarrhea, upper respiratory infections, anxiety and other physical ailments daily.

Inside the ER at Mt. Everest

Dr. Luanne Freer, founder of the mountain’s emergency care center, sees hundreds of patients each climbing season at the foot of the Himalayas

Kenko had little trouble living with the idea that things were getting worse. "The most precious thing in life is its uncertainty," he wrote.

The Timeless Wisdom of Kenko

A 14th-century Japanese essayist's advice for troubled times runs the gamut from quirky to prescient

One of the country's most popular rappers, J-Me avoids political statements in his music. But his lyrics, he says, reflect the concerns of Myanmar's young.

Myanmar's Young Artists and Activists

In the country formerly known as Burma, these free thinkers are a force in the struggle for democracy

The rickety platforms—"norries" to the locals—carry passengers and freight on wobbly rails left over from an abandoned transit system.

Catching the Bamboo Train

Rural Cambodians cobbled old tank parts and scrap lumber into an ingenious way to get around

Shanghai’s European Suburbs

Chinese urban planners are building new towns with a foreign flair, each mimicking architecture from Europe’s storied cities

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