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The Twigman Cometh

If Patrick Dougherty shows up in town, he's there to make art - with a twist - out of sticks


Portraits of Her People

Historian, photographer and Macarthur "genius," Deborah Willis documents the black experience

Andrew Carroll

Andrew Carroll: Man of Letters

From poetry to war correspondence, this 31-year-old has been spreading words with a missionary's zeal


What's Wrong with This Picture?

Hint: It's Real


Farewell, Bright Soul


The Pygmalion of the Avant-Garde

At the Moulin Rouge (1895), a painting by Henri Toulouse-Lautrec that captures the vibrant and decadent spirit of society during the fin de siècle.

Art Nouveau

The exuberant fin de siècle style is celebrated in a sweeping exhibition at the National Gallery of Art in Washington

Dancing on Air

With nylon ropes and steely nerves, Project Bandaloop performs high above the crowds


Imagining the Orient

A new exhibition explores the potent mystique of the Near East and its sway on American Art and Culture

The Renwick

A Storied Gallery

With its colorful history and a touch of whimsy, the Renwick is a singular experience


The Jitterbug Met R&B

And the shag, a stylish Southern dance, was born and reborn along the Carolina coast


Vinnie Ream

The "Prairie Cinderella" who sculpted Lincoln and Farragut — and set tongues wagging


Renaissance of the Longrifle

In masterpieces of metal and wood, modern craftsmen revive a straight-shooting icon of the old frontier


Tickling the Sky

Israeli designer Doron Gazit has harnessed the wind to create immense visual surprises — and a whole new form of art

"The Stormy Petrel of American Art"

Rockwell Kent was a master of bucolic landscapes, but his contentious politics earned him the nickname


The Mad Hatter


Rescue and Restoration

Saving major works of art from decay


The Poetic Vision of Eduardo Chillida


Portraits on the Plains

Armed with easel, palette and pencil, George Catlin went west in the 1830s to paint the real "Wild West"

Adult tricycle

Bound for Glory

Or maybe not. America's most grueling adult tricycle competition is tough on riders and equipment alike

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