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The Wolcott Children's Ballet: In the Backwoods, Dancing Their Hearts Out

It's a story grounded in a real labor of love — sore muscles, hand-stitched costumes, and dreams of grace and aspirations fulfilled

Bear by Cornelia Chapin

All Right, Troops Fan Out and Find Every Last Artwork

With the aid of volunteers throughout the country, Save Outdoor Sculpture! is helping us to rediscover our monumental heritage


Around the Mall & Beyond

The Freer's art is indeed stunning, but the quiet elegance of its new glass cases catches the eye of this visitor


No Two of a Kind In This Show of Cards

A group of talented art quilters reveal their hands in a stacked deck of unique 'cards' soon to be exhibited at the Renwick Gallery

"The Hermitage"

Its spectacular holdings in art have long been celebrated; but now, as it reaches out to the world, the museum reveals a closely held secret


In The Pursuit of Perfect Craft: An Artisan's Lifework

Over decades of inspired workmanship, Hiroshima Kazuo has fashioned baskets that bespeak the everyday life of an isolated rural Japan

Stephen Crane

A Writer Who Lived the Adventures He Portrayed

Stephen Crane was fascinated by the seamy side of life, but his works elevated fiction to new heights

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