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Olowe of Ise--Sculptor to Kings

Richard Diebenkorn in his studio in 1986

A Window on a World of Shape and Color

Richard Diebenkorn always sidestepped the hype; now, his art is saying it all


Smile! (Click) It's the Camera Van


Jack London Followed his Muse into the Wild


The Artful Lens of Ansel Adams


Imperial Japan's Artistic Legacy

This Holocaust remembrance sculpture stands outside the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.

Art That Turns Life Inside Out

Casting friends and family in plaster, George Segal creates "environments" that bring inner reality to the surface


Time Out--Sports in Art


The House that Art Built

Money is no object for the Getty Trust, as it builds its collections and does good works around the globe. Now it has a new home overlooking Los Angeles


The Art of Stanley Spencer


The Quiet Man of American Modernism

From the outside, Arthur Dove's life appeared out of kilter, but his inner vision shone through


The Rebirth of Shakespeare's Globe

It took an American actor to champion the rebuilding of a British cultural symbol

South Koreans stand by the cauldron of the 1988 Summer Olympics

A Video Visionary


Picasso Takes on the Masters

A book by Susan Galassi explains why the artist with an eye on the future kept returning to the art of the past


Where Echoes of Spirits Still Dwell

Over a period of ten years, a photographer has documented the vanishing cultures of the Stone Age tribes of New Guinea


Go West, Moran

A lifetime of painting the country's natural treasures was this tenderfoot's destiny


The Imprint of Latino Photographers


In Praise of Shadows

Artfully balancing them is just one of the tricky tasks faced by designers of museum lighting

The interior court of on opening night of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, 4 October 1974.

Art Night on the Mall

Summer evening twilight--perfect for a Hirshhorn gallery talk and a stroll among the sculptures

Bix Beiderbecke

Bix: the Story of a Young Man and His Horn

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