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Ida B. Wells

Against All Odds

A new play and photo exhibition call attention to Ida B. Wells and her brave fight to end lynching in America

Rich: Bemused by all the goings-on

Rich in Talent

Ed Rich gave magazines a whirl. And then some


Stieglitz in Focus

A new exhibition at Washington's National Gallery of Art tracks the development of seminal photographer Alfred Stieglitz


Heroes Then and Now

Salome with the Head of Saint John the Baptist, c. 1610-1615, Budapest

Artemisia's Moment

After being eclipsed for centuries by her father, Orazio, Artemisia Gentileschi, the boldest female painter of her time, gets her due


Shades of Merriment

Robert Capa, famous for his battle photographs, made friends along the way

The carcass of a cargo ship, already sheared of its forward structure, sits where it was parked on the beach at Chittagong, Bangladesh, flanked by two other scrapped vessels in various states of dismemberment.

Multiple Viewpoints

Photographer Edward Burtynsky's politically charged industrial landscapes are carefully crafted to elicit different interpretations


Migrant Madonna

Edgar Degas rarely painted a pure still life, but he often included still lifes in the backgrounds or corners of his compositions. In The Millinery Shop (1882-86), the hats—their shapes, textures and colors—take center stage; the figure is merely an accessory.

Still Delightful

A sumptuous show documents how the Impressionists breathed new life into the staid tradition of still life painting

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
Cavendish, Vermont 1981
What did the Russian author like about the United States? "[He] told me the air was free in America," Benson recalls.

Cheeky Charmer

For half a century, photographer Harry Benson has been talking his way to the top of his game


Just Folk

From samplers to sugar bowls, weathervanes to whistles, an engaging exhibition heralds the opening of the American Folk Art Museum's new home in Manhattan


Fresh Eyes

It turns out the America portrayed by printmakers Currier and Ives was not all sleigh rides in the snow


Strange Bedfellows

A new exhibition tracks the turbulent nine weeks that artists Vincent van Gogh and Paul Gauguin lived and painted together in the South of France


The Thousand-Yard Stare


Magnificent Obsession

Artist Alberto Giacometti's singular vision is celebrated in a special centennial exhibition at New York City's Museum of Modern Art


Turning Point

New Yorkers didn't much care for the twin towers until a nimble Frenchman named Philippe Petit danced across a wire between them


Around the Mall & Beyond

Best Seats in the House


Mister Faulkner Goes to Stockholm

In six years, William Faulkner went from salaried Hollywood script doctor to winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature. How had this miracle occurred?


Points of View

Artist Paul Signac steps out of the shadow of his celebrated colleague, pointillist Georges Seurat, to star in a new exhibition at the Met

Author Unknown: On the Trail of Anonymous

Don Foster Has a Way With Words

Uncovered a Shakespeare elegy, confirmed Ted Kaczynski wrote the Unabomb Manifesto and identified Eric Rudolph as a suspect in the 1996 bombing

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