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A Lens on the Land

Twelve noted photographers respond in images to areas designated by the Nature Conservancy as Last Great Places


Virtue and Beauty

The Renaissance Image of the Ideal Woman


The Divine Sarah

Bewitching her admirers around the world, Sarah Bernhardt dazzled audiences as she pioneered the cult of celebrity


The Painter and the President

Gilbert Stuart and the Creation of an Icon

Asafo Flag, No. 2 Company; created by Akwa Osei, Ghana, Fante people; c. 1900, Cotton and rayon, embroidery and appliqué

Dueling Banners

Proverbs in the asafo flags of Ghana


Finding the Eye of the Whirlpool

Adventure photographer Peter McBride tells what it was like to shoot whirlpools while hanging from a ship's radio antenna.


The Ascent of Glass

Advances in production, energy efficiency and methods of construction have enabled glass to rise to new heights and assume unexpected forms

Le hallebardier (The Halberdier) (1971), Sprengel Museum, Hannover, Germany

Calder's Playful Genius

With paper and paint, wire and wood, the renowned sculptor created a new vocabulary for modern art

Hillwood Estate, Museum and Gardens

A Lavish Legacy

Heiress Marjorie Merriweather Post's Washington, D.C. estate, the Hillwood Museum and Gardens, is a showcase for her stately collection of decorative arts


Photo Tips and Tricks

Put a ghost in your ghost town photographs...and other easy tips to create cool pictures


Bedtime Horrors


Preacher on the Go

Tiny Smith Island has three churches but only one pastor, who gets around by boat and Golf Cart

An Uncommon Treasure-House


Grandma Moses Country

In charming paintings of "old timey things"—sleigh rides, mills, farms and fields—the artist preserved a simpler, bygone world


Minding the "Milkstone"

When works of art are pollen and rice, and even milk, the Hirshhorn Museum gives them extra-special care


Keeping Time


His Heart Was in the Highlands

Robert Burns' fierce pride, penetrating wit and perfect ear for language gave Scotland—and the world—an imperishable legacy of poetry and song


You, Too, Can Be a Rembrandt

The 1950s paint-by-number craze turned everyone into an instant artist. Critics were contemptuous, but even the President's men were doing it


William Merritt Chase

Praised by critics, admired by colleagues and respected by students, the distinguished 19th-century artist produced paintings and pastels of gentle beauty

A Guide to Cliches

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