Author: Rafael Chiaravalloti

Rafael Chiaravalloti

Rafael Morais Chiaravalloti, a Smithsonian Postdoctoral Fellow, is a Biologist who has been working in the Pantanal wetland for over 10 years, especially focused on sustainability of socio-ecological systems. He earned his PhD in Anthropology from the University College of London. Rafael is currently carrying out a research project with Working Land and Seascape, Conservation Commons at the National Zoo, titled “Conserving the World’s Largest Working Wetscape—Developing tools for sustainability and biodiversity conservation in the Pantanal.”

the biodiversity of the Pantanal is outstanding. There is a great abundant of birds and a large quantity of mammals as shown in the big picture above. In this picture alone we can see at least four species of birds and a female Marsh deer. (W. Tomas)