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Dawn Biddison

Dawn Biddison is the Museum Specialist at the Alaska office of the Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center. Since 2002, she has worked with Alaska Native Elders, artists, educators, scholars, knowledge-keepers and cultural organization staff. Her work began with museum research, exhibition, catalog and website work. Since 2010, her work shifted to outreach with Alaska Natives through collaborative community-based cultural heritage projects that include facilitating museum collections access, artist residencies, community workshops, public programs and equitable documentation that respects Indigenous protocols and goals, supports intergenerational learning, and provides ongoing, accessible educational resources through print and online distribution. You can see examples of her work on the Smithsonian Learning Lab site, "Smithsonian Arctic Studies Center in Alaska." 

Intergenerational Creativity and Learning through Indigenous Comic Art

Combining comic art, Athabascan heritage, and Smithsonian collections brings a unique, contemporary spin to traditional storytelling that’s been passed down over generations and offers new learning opportunities for today’s youth.