Author: Hillary Brady

Hillary Brady

Hillary Brady writes and edits stories for the Museum’s website and other digital platforms and projects. She has experience working in the outreach and digital spaces for museums, archives, and non-profit organizations. Hillary holds a BA in journalism and English from the University of Rhode Island and a MA in public humanities from Brown University.

Backup spacecraft for Telstar, the world's first active communications satellite.  Telstar 1 began an era of live international television. After its launch on July 10, 1962, it relayed television images between the United States and France and England.
T’Challa’s Royal Talon Fighter flying above Wakanda in the film Black Panther. Credit: Marvel Studios.
The Sonic Wind 1 rocket sled, which was powered by nine solid fuel rockets with 40,000 pounds total thrust for five seconds. Credit: Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum
NASA astronaut Alvin Drew, mission specialist. Credit: NASA Johnson Space Center