What Is It Really Like to Work at the NCIS?

A division chief and special agent talk about the challenges and rewards of fighting crime across the world

A scrapbook documenting the history of the Auxiliary includes several pages of past Auxiliary presidents. All images courtesy of the Women’s Auxiliary, National Association of Plumbing, Heating and Cooling Contractors (collection 1304).

How Did A Group of Plumbers’ Wives Change American History?

Initially a social club, the Women's Auxiliary grew to become one of the nation's most influential organizations in the country


Warmer Temperatures Speed Tropical Plant Growth

New research challenges key assumptions about plant growth at increased temperatures


VIDEO: Herons Crash the Zoo

Black-crowned night herons have been using the Zoo's grounds for breeding for more than a century and the tradition continues

Celidh Band from town of Keady, County Armagh

Beyond Riverdance: Enjoy Classic Celtic Music for St. Patrick’s Day

A new release from Smithsonian Folkways showcases the best of Celtic classics


Surfer Kelly Slater Searches for the Perfect Wave in New 3-D Film

Mixing science and surfing, "The Ultimate Wave Tahiti" joins the world champion in the hunt


Why We Should All Celebrate Save a Spider Day

Insect keeper Dan Babbitt of the Natural History Museum explains what makes spiders so cool

A golden ticket from the 2005 film, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” is part of the donation of 30 objects from Warner Bros.

A Batarang, A Golden Ticket and a Green Gremlin: Treasures from Warner Bros.

Warner Brothers added to its collection of donated items with more than 30 new items to the American History Museum


Two-Time Gold Medalist Gabby Douglas Talks Big Dreams, Big Wins and Having Fun

Douglas discusses her recent donation of her leotard and other items from the 2012 London Olympics


Snowy Day, But Smithsonian D.C. Museums Open, Zoo Closes

Bad weather threatens the metro area, but the Smithsonian museums Will Open, National Zoo is Closed


Winged Migration: The 77-Carat Butterfly Brooch That “Glows” in the Dark

The piece by Taiwanese artist Cindy Chao has a surprise revealed only under ultraviolet light


Women’s History Month at the Smithsonian

From a Confederate spy to a deepwater researcher, women are everywhere and the Smithsonian is telling their stories

A habitable planet orbits a white dwarf. Here the ghostly blue ring is a planetary nebula—hydrogen gas the star ejected as it evolved from a red giant to a white dwarf.

E.T. Phone Home: New Research Could Detect Signs of Life in this Decade

Thanks to a proposal by astronomers Avi Loeb and Dan Maoz, we could find evidence of extraterrestrial life very soon

Classic Celtic Music

There’s More to Celtic Music Than “Danny Boy”

A new album from Smithsonian Folkways will brighten anyone’s St. Patrick’s Day


Where Does the Tooth Fairy Put All Those Teeth?

A new video introduces kids to the wonders of museums with help from a familiar friend


Suffragette City: That March that Made and Changed History in D.C. Turns 100

The civil rights procession that revitalized calls for the 19th amendment was the first to use D.C. as a backdrop

From a chain of Los Angeles drive-ins in the 1940s, “good food is good health.”

10 Vintage Menus That Are a Feast for the Eyes, If Not the Stomach

From the late-19th century to the 1970s, restaurants had one surefire way of standing out


VIDEO: The Show, Lincoln’s Washington at War, Depicts the Transformation of Washington

A new documentary from Smithsonian Channel looks at how the Civil War helped transform the city of Washington, D.C.


PHOTOS: Andean Cubs Get a Clean Bill of Health (Caution: Cuteness)

The playful pair of two-month-old cubs got a thorough exam from veterinarians and big thumbs up from everybody


The Renwick, the Grand Dame of Washington, Is Slated for Rehab

The historic 1859 art gallery, which has served many other purposes in its lifetime will undergo a two-year renovation

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