Jennifer McCurdy mixes fine porcelain with gilding to create pieces full of movement and light.

24 Craft Creations That’ll Inspire You To Think Outside the Box

From fiber to glass, metal to ceramics, selections from this year's Craft Show will inspire you


VIDEO: Earth Art on the Mall

Four artists left their mark for the Smithsonian's first ever land art installation as part of a new exhibit about African artists and the earth

Bill Drayton is this year’s recipient of the Benjamin Franklin Creativity Laureate Award.

How Can We Teach the World Empathy? Bill Drayton Says He Knows How

The founder of Ashoka, a network of global social entrepreneurs, is taking on education to change the world

Nick Cave’s exuberant sculpture, “Soundsuit,” from 2009 marks a recent application of assemblage.

Collage Turns 100 and Continues to Inspire

From Georges Braque to a suit of easter baskets, mixed media remains a potent form of visual expression


Q+A: What Is the Future of GPS? Are We Too Dependent?

Geographer Andrew Johnston discusses some of the applications and risks of the satellite-based technology, as well as its future


Sequestration to Cause Closures, Secretary Clough Testifies

Gallery closings, fewer exhibitions and reduced educational offerings are some of the impacts he listed before the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform


Q+A with Chadwick Boseman, Star of New Jackie Robinson Biopic, ’42′

The actor talks about getting vetted by the baseball legend's grandchildren, meeting with his wife and why baseball was actually his worst sport


The Incredible True Story of Master Craftsman, Freedman Thomas Day

He rose to an elite status and created his own style along the way

With each new frontier of exploration and travel came new challenges.

Lost in Space and Other Tales of Exploration and Navigation

A new exhibit at the Air and Space Museum reveals how we use time and space to get around every day, from maritime exploration to Google maps


Robot Cars and R2D2s: Snapshots from Behind-the-Scenes of new “Time and Navigation” exhibit

From sea to space and back again, the new Air and Space exhibit shows you how we get where we're going


Two Musicians Make Historic Donations to Kick Off Jazz Appreciation Month

Two donations from living legends to the American History Museum represent the genre's global reach

Doughy goodness is impossible to resist.

Kolaches: The Next Big Thing in Pastries and The Tex-Czech Community Behind Them

Rural Czech communities in Texas have been enjoying the buttery pastry for more than a century, now homesick Texans bring kolaches to the rest of us


Would You Like to Browse an Edo-Period Japanese Bookstore?

The brush to block revolution saw a flowering of Japanese popular culture that still intrigues and enchants


Photos: Scenes From Life Under the Sea

Three decades in and photojournalist Brian Skerry is still getting acquainted with the ocean's many characters


Play Ball (and Tunes): Sheet Music from the Game’s Early Days

From celebrating championships to begging teams to stay, baseball music has a lot more than Take Me Out to the Ball Game


How Crisco Went From Cryst to Disco

The American History Museum covers all things grease for its April Fool's Day conference open to the public


PHOTOS: Rarely Seen Central American Ceramics Dating from 1,000 Years Ago

Animal forms, human figures and abstract designs all provide valuable information about the diverse cultures of the region


Sounds of 1950s New York City and More from Folkways Magazine

Under a new editor, the latest issue features a day in a dog's life, audio postcards from around the world and more

These flowers are always in bloom at the American Art Museum.

Butterflies, Baseball and Blossoms: Tours for Your Spring Vacation

Two custom tours come fully loaded with insider information, digital postcards and step-by-step directions


PHOTOS: Portrait Gallery Announces Winners of its Outwin Boochever Competition

Winners of the triennial National Portrait Gallery competition used everything from rice to glitter to thread to capture themselves and the people around them

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