New Study Gives Hope to Victims of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Immune system imbalances may lie behind this crippling illness—a discovery that could lead to more effective treatments in the future

Built in a World War II-era civilian bunker, the Berlin Story Museum includes a controversial replica of the bunker Adolf Hitler died in

Berlin Exhibit Confronts Hitler's Rise to Power

Asking 'Hitler--how could it happen,' the exhibit warns the dangers of dictatorship

A thin film of DNA could work even better than sunscreen at protecting our skin

Why Salmon Sperm DNA Could Revolutionize Sunscreen

A thin layer of the genetic material seems to effectively block the sun's rays and becomes more effective over time

An illustration shows the satellite Cassini moving near Saturn and its largest moon Titan

Potential Ingredients for Life Found on Saturn's Moon Titan

But that life likely wouldn't look like what we're used to here on Earth

American soldiers sift through art looted by the Nazis at Neuschwanstein Castle in 1945

Legal Fight Over Nazi-Looted Painting Ends After 26 Years

The heirs to the Paul Klee masterpiece, which was seized 80 years ago as "degenerate art," have finally reached a settlement with the city of Munich

The Aurora Australis as seen from the International Space Station in 2011

Astronaut Captures 'Awesome Sauce' of Aurora From Space

Humans have been amazed for millennia by these atmospheric events

Ramazzottius varieornatus, a species of tardigrade, photographed with scanning electron microscope

Why Are Tardigrades the World's Hardiest Creature? DNA Offers Clues

They may be tiny, but don't let their stubby stature fool you

The fin of a blacktip shark glides through the waters in the Bahamas.

Ten Things We've Learned about Sharks Since Last Shark Week

In light of Shark Week 2017, here are some revelations about the fearsome fish we’ve made in the past year

First Pet Socks poses in the White House Press Room in 1993.

The First Pet Position in the Trump White House Will Remain Open—for Meow

Animals have served as companions and ambassadors for presidents dating back to George Washington

This iRobot 780 was one of the early Roomba models that randomly moved about the room. But the company's latest models (900 series) uses cameras and software to collect data and map out your home.

Roomba Wants to Sell Maps of Your Home

Data from these robovacs could assist in the development of other 'smart home' devices

Kyara swimming next to her mother, Takara. At the time of her death, Kyara was just three months old.

Last Orca Born at SeaWorld Dies

The three-month-old creature succumbed to a case of pneumonia, according to the park

Stubbs poses on a car in a 2006 photo.

Small Alaska Town Mourns Loss of Stubbs the Cat, Beloved Honorary Mayor

Stubbs reigned with a light paw and a loyal following

Microsoft Paint has been used to draw or alter art both simple and complex, such as this photo of a tree

After Fans Rallied Around App, Windows Announces It Will Save Microsoft Paint

The classic Windows program responsible for so many wobbly works is getting a new home in the Windows Store

Colors on this satellite image show areas where water was detected in ancient pyroclastic flows on the Moon's surface

Water May Lurk Beneath the Moon's Surface

The surprising abundance of water could help future lunar settlers survive in the barren landscape

Princess Diana's desk and some of her belongings, including her music and ballet shoes.

Buckingham Palace Remembers Princess Diana With New Exhibit

Many of the objects on display were selected by Diana's sons

Looking out at Earth from the Cupola Observation Module of the International Space Station on Google Street View

Explore the International Space Station With Google Street View

An astronaut and Google mapped the ISS for Street View with a DSLR and a lot of patience

Of the 9 billion tons of plastic the world has produced, only nine percent is recycled.

Humans Have Produced Nine Billion Tons of Plastic and Counting

Over half of that material was created in the last decade

A wood engraving from the 19th century depicts a blind John Milton dictating his influential epic poem "Paradise Lost"

Why 'Paradise Lost' Is Translated So Much

New book shows the enduring power of the epic poem has made it spread across dozens of languages and hundreds of years

Frances Gabe's 1984 patent shows the floor plan of her self-cleaning home

The First Self-Cleaning Home Was Essentially a 'Floor-to-Ceiling Dishwasher'

Frances Gabe, who died late last year, channeled her frustration with housework into a futuristic design to end the drudgery of cleaning

A 2009 U.S. stamp commemorating "The Twilight Zone" from the collections of the Smithsonian

'Twilight Zone' Enters the Stage Dimension

London theater will adapt the iconic television series to capture "American nightmares" past and present

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