The Ten Best Books About Food of 2018

These ten titles should satisfy readers hungry to learn more about the history and science of food


The world around us may be aswirl in chaos, but food writing was an undeniable bright spot in 2018. This year’s best offerings tackle a number of topics, including why people around the world eat certain things, how one defines “American” food, and why some ingredients taste good with other ingredients. Many of them have a deeper message, too: We’re all in this together. Food has an uncanny ability to connect people, because, after all, we all eat.

From essays on the global ubiquity of fried chicken to explainers on the ascension of tofu in the mainstream American diet, this year’s food books address complex subjects with humor, vivid detail and uncompromising skill. They’ll also make you very, very hungry, as only the best food books can.

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