Turkey feather

Beautiful Artwork Cut Out of Feathers

A clever artist uses a scalpel and tweezers to cut beautiful bird silhouettes out of feathers

Double-banded Argus, by Ralph Steadman

Bringing Extinct Birds Back to Life, One Cartoon at a Time

In his new book, Extinct Boids, artist Ralph Steadman introduces readers to a flock of birds that no longer live in the wild


Seven Must-See Art-Meets-Science Exhibitions in 2013

Preview some of the top-notch shows—on anatomy, bioluminescence, water tanks and more—slated for the next year

Sparky, the electric eel, and his Christmas tree.

A Twinkling Christmas Tree, Powered by…an Electric Eel?

A Utah aquarium uses the charges emitted by an electric eel to trigger the lights on a nearby tree


The Insane Amount of Biodiversity in One Cubic Foot

David Liittschwager travels to the world's richest ecosystems, photographing all the critters that pass through his "biocube" in 24 hours


Why Do We Hiccup? And Other Scientific Mysteries—Seen Through the Eyes of Artists

In a new book, 75 artists illustrate questions scientists haven't fully answered yet

Beetles Invasion: One Artist’s Take on the Insect

A swarm of giant beetles, lovingly sculpted by Washington D.C.-based artist Joan Danziger, descends on the American University Museum

Black-headed Spider Monkey (Ateles fusciceps)

Alan Dudley’s Wondrous Array of Animal Skulls

A new book delivers fascinating photographs of over 300 skulls from the British taxidermist's personal collection—the largest in the world


Nikon Announces the Winners of its “Small World” Competition

See a selection of beautiful images captured by scientists gazing through light microscopes


Scientific Illustrations: Your Go-To Guides for Halloween Costumes

The details are what separate a good outfit from an amazing one. The images in the Biodiversity Heritage Library can help you make the leap


Winged Tapestries

Jim des Rivières' portraits of moths capture the insects' exquisite patterns


Science Images that Border on Art

This year's Wellcome Image Award winners pull at your "art" strings. The curious seek out the science behind them


Top 5 “Science Done Right” Moments in Movies

Directors take note: scientist and author David Kirby commends the accuracy in these popular films

All Ears! An Underwater Sculpture that Listens

A collaboration between sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor and marine biologist Heather Spence aims to track the development of a new coral reef


Collage of Arts and Sciences: Now In Session

Our newest blog explores the fertile ground where art and science meet

Considered a mere scavenger that robbed traps and ransacked cabins, the wolverine has recently earned respect and scientific attention.

The Way of the Wolverine

After all but disappearing, the mammals are again being sighted in Washington's Cascade Range

An adorable elephant shrew

A New Shrew at the Zoo

Small Mammals curator Bob King talks about the short-eared elephant shrew, a new addition to the National Zoo


The Zoo's Baby Anteater Gets a Name, Chosen by Mom

The Makgadikgadi Pans National Park is part of a rare African open wild land. The environment is so harsh that zebras have to cover a lot of ground to survive.

Nothing Can Stop the Zebra

A 150-mile fence in the Kalahari Desert appeared to threaten Africa's zebras, but now researchers can breathe a sigh of relief

Since 1977, Tetsuro Matsuzawa has been studying a chimpanzee named Ai. Her mind, he says, can help us understand our own.

Thinking Like a Chimpanzee

Tetsuro Matsuzawa has spent 30 years studying our closest primate relative to better understand the human mind

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