The Titanic

Pocket watch with engraved, gold-plated case found on the body of postal clerk John Starr March. The hands point to 1:27, around when the Titanic sank on the morning of April 15, 1912.

What a Watch Tells Us About the Titanic's Final Hours

The handheld item, belonging to an American crew member, stopped minutes before the ship sank

The R.M.S. Titanic, seen departing Belfast on April 2, 1912

New Research

Did the Northern Lights Play a Role in the Titanic's Demise?

New study suggests the solar storm that sparked the aurora borealis interfered with the ship's navigational and radio equipment

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is among the organizations that oppose the ruling.

Judge Rules Salvage Firm Can Recover the Titanic's Marconi Telegraph

Critics of the decision argue that the wreck is a memorial to the 1,500 who died when the ship sank and should not be disturbed

View of the bow of the R.M.S. Titanic, as photographed by an ROV in June 2004

Court Case Alleges Submarine Collision With Wreck of the Titanic Went Unreported

During a 2019 dive, a white fiberglass vehicle sent to explore the site of the wreck resurfaced with a red stain on its side

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The Titanic Is Being Reclaimed by the Sea

The first manned survey of the ship in 14 years reveals parts of the vessel have rusted away, including the crow's nest, captain's quarters and poop deck

Expanding access to the deep ocean will spark interest in exploration, Rush believes: Getting underwater is “such an amazing emotional experience.”

A Deep Dive Into the Plans to Take Tourists to the 'Titanic'

For a handsome price, a daredevil inventor will bring you aboard his groundbreaking submarine to put eyes on most famous shipwreck of all

The precious piece sold for $57,500.

Sold: A Pocket Watch From the Titanic, Adorned with Hebrew Letters

The watch belonged to Sinai Kantor, a Russian immigrant who died when the ship went down

The Deadly Secret Kept From the Titanic's Passengers

The Titanic was specifically constructed to survive a high-impact collision like the one that sunk her

The point of the bow from the port side, taken by the remotely operated vehicle Jason Jr.

The Story of the First Manned Expedition to the Sunken Wreck of the ‘Titanic’

The manned exploration in 1986 brought back the first high-quality images of the ship since it sank

The Mississippi was in its high season, and the water was fast and cold.

This Civil War Boat Explosion Killed More People Than the 'Titanic'

The 'Sultana' was only legally allowed to carry 376 people. When its boilers exploded, it was carrying 2,300

The bow of the shipwrecked Titanic.

Tour Company Offers (Very Expensive) Dives to 'Titanic' Wreckage

For a mere $105,129 per person, thrill-seekers can explore the ruins of the ill-fated ship

This engraving of the 'Titanic' sinking was made shortly after the event happened, when the world was still reeling from the massive loss of life.

The Chief Designer of the ‘Titanic’ Saved Everyone He Could as His Ship Went Down

Thomas Andrews had argued for more lifeboats on the ship, but he was rebuffed on the grounds that it would ruin the view

The Titanic leaving Belfast on April 2, 1912. The black streak can be seen just above the water line.

Cool Finds

A Coal Fire May Have Helped Sink the 'Titanic'

A new documentary claims the <i>Titanic</i>’s hull was weakened before it struck an iceberg

Cool Finds

The Mystery of a Titanic Telegram

Did the Titanic's owners know about its collision with an iceberg?

The dining room on the Titanic

Cool Finds

A Lunch Menu From the Titanic Just Sold for $88,000

The "unsinkable" ship served corned beef, mutton chops and custard pudding

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There’s new Hope for Preserving the Wreck of the Titanic

30 years after its discovery, the Titanic is crumbling.

Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo is seen gliding back to Earth after its first test flight in 2010.

Past Transit Tragedies Point to a Way Forward for Virgin Galactic

From a fatal Apollo fire to the sinking of the <em>Titanic</em>, history has a few lessons following last week’s spaceflight disasters

Cool Finds

DNA Proves Once And for All That a Supposed Titanic Survivor Was a Fraud

Loraine Allison, a two-year-old who was on board the Titanic, almost certainly drowned

Cool Finds

The Definitive Guide to the Dogs on the Titanic

There were twelve dogs on the Titanic. Here's what happened to them.

You Can Buy the Violin That Played the Titanic Out

The violin of Wallace Hartley, a member of the on-board orchestra, is up for auction

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