Bottles washed up on a beach

The Trouble with Bottled Water

Elizabeth Royte reflects on the backlash against commercializing a natural resource and responds to reader comments

A Thirsty Nation

What can you do to reduce water consumption?

Carbon Blob Eats US!

What can you do to reduce water consumption?

Household items made of various types of plastic

Cut Your Use of Plastic, Plastic, Plastic

Recycling isn't enough

A schematic of modern thermohaline circulation.

Expand Your Eco-Influence

What can you do to reduce water consumption?

Kitchen with stove and oven of a Roman inn (Mansio) at the Roman villa of Bad Neuenahr-Ahrweiler, Germany

Green Your Kitchen


Bamboo Steps Up

An ancient plant becomes a new sensation

Doug Fine

Doug Fine, Journalist, New Mexico

How an ambitious experiment in ecological living led to a goat pen


Giant Footprint

How the world's 6.6 billion people threaten the health of the ecosystem


Fishy Business

The problems with fishery management are mounting—and time may be running out

One Fish, Two Fish, Crawfish, Bluefish: The Smithsonian Sustainable Seafood Cookbook

Ocean-Friendly Eating

A sea life lover's guide to seafood


Going "Bycatch Neutral"

Can fisheries eliminate their debts to nature?


EcoCenter: Greener Living takes a look at common and easy ways to go green

Richard Conniff has made six trips to Africa since 1996.

Harvesting Tourists

In this Q & A, Richard Conniff, author of "Death in Happy Valley," argues that tourism, not cattle-ranching, would be a better use of Kenyan land

Soda bottles make up the bulk of the construction of a 3,500-liter cistern that Andreas Froese (pictured) and schoolchildren built in Roatan, Honduras. When filled with sand, the bottles become nearly indestructible.

Waste Into Walls: Building Casas Out of Sand

A green technology guru heads to the dump in search of the stuff of dreams

Nature Works has figured out how to make plastic out of corn.

Corn Plastic to the Rescue

Wal-Mart and others are going green with "biodegradable" packaging made from corn. But is this really the answer to America's throwaway culture?

Building Sustainable Cities

The 227-city U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement is just the beginning.

35 Who Made a Difference: Jane Mt. Pleasant

Iroquois tradition plus Western science equals a more sustainable future

35 Who Made a Difference: Wes Jackson

In Kansas, a plant geneticist sows the seeds of sustainable agriculture


Can Great Coffee Save the Jungle?

Persuaded that guilt alone won't get Americans to pay more for environmentally friendly coffee, importers give farmers the tools to grow better beans

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