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Unable to attend the funeral, an Australian farmer made a video of sheep in the shape of a heart to express his grief for his aunt, who died after a two-year battle with cancer.

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Australian Farmer Expresses Grief With 'Sheep Art' Heart

The sheepherder couldn't attend his aunt's funeral, so he made her a huge heart out of hundreds of sheep—and captured it all from above using drone footage

After the researchers combed through more than 27,000 photos of birds from nine accounts across Instagram, they found that it is more than just beauty that attracts ‘likes’. Peculiar or distinctive characteristics that make the bird more unique is what people respond to the most and brings in the most 'likes';

The Eccentric Frogmouth Is the Most Camera-Ready Bird on Instagram

The frogmouth has muted plumage, but its grumpy expression and wide eyes make it enchanting on social media

A viral video shows an octopus (not pictured) lashing out at an Australian tourist in shallow water.

A Very Angry Octopus Goes Viral After Lashing Out at an Australian Tourist

A video posted to social media captures the cephalopod's arm-flinging attack

A 1932 facsimile of the first issue of the Emancipator, published on April 30, 1820

History of Now

New Project Reimagines the U.S.' First Antislavery Newspaper, the 'Emancipator'

A joint initiative from Boston University and the "Boston Globe" revamps a 19th-century abolitionist publication for 21st-century research about race

A student tries to solve a math problem.

What Is Math?

A teenager asked that age-old question on TikTok, creating a viral backlash, and then, a thoughtful scientific debate

The so-called "Letter From Heaven" was marketed as a message from Jesus himself, conveying instructions and conferring protection on those who sent them to others.

Before Chain Letters Swept the Internet, They Raised Funds for Orphans and Sent Messages From God

Recipe exchanges, poetry chains, photo challenges and other ostensibly comforting prompts are enjoying a resurgence amid the COVID-19 pandemic

A graph generated by the "hedonometer," a tool that measures happiness on Twitter going back to 2008. After George Floyd's killing, researchers measured the most negativity on English-language Twitter ever—making it the "saddest day in the history of Twitter," they say.

New Research Suggests We're Living in Historically Unhappy Times

A tool that analyzes tweets and a study from University of Chicago researchers show that Americans' happiness has reached new lows in recent weeks

A Labrador retriever, but you probably knew that already, given that this pooch is America's most popular breed

Labrador Tops Most Popular Dog Breed List for 29th Year in a Row

The rankings stay much the same from year to year, but in 2019, Pembroke Welsh corgis broke the top ten for the first time

The Anne Frank House created the series in hopes of reaching “young people who are less likely to pick up a book [but who] … do watch videos on social media.”

Education During Coronavirus

Why the Anne Frank House Is Reimagining the Young Diarist as a Vlogger

The controversial series stems from the museum's desire to reach a younger generation by telling history in new ways

The National Museum of Asian Art's Tibetan Buddhist Shrine Room, from the Alice S. Kandell Collection

Education During Coronavirus

Unwind With These Free, Museum-Led Meditation and Mindfulness Sessions

The Rubin Museum of Art and the Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art offer an array of relaxing experiences

Submissions included a plague mask, a Feejee "mermaid" and a peapod pincushion.

Museums Challenged to Showcase 'Creepiest Objects' Deliver Stuff of Nightmares

We’re really, really sorry

Artist Shing Yin Khor is recreating famous works of art, including Marina Abramovic's The Artist Is Present, in "Animal Crossing."

Virtual Travel

Meet the Artist Behind Animal Crossing's Art Museum Island

The art within Shing Yin Khor's virtual world represents a sassy response to the game's built-in natural history museum

This miniature room design by Julie Dumas Rose is a finalist  in Eny Lee Parker's Clay Play challenge.

These Artists Used Clay to Build Their Dream Homes in Miniature

Ceramics artist Eny Lee Parker hosted a contest that asked quarantined creators to imagine their ideal rooms

Almost a fourth of Americans have shared fake news at one point or another, according to a Pew survey from 2016, so it's important to be skeptical as you're browsing the web or watching TV.


How to Avoid Misinformation About COVID-19

False information about the pandemic is rampant; here’s how experts say you can identify what news to trust and what might be faulty

London-based couple Filippo Lorenzin and Marianna Benetti built a miniature museum for their pet gerbils.


Quarantined Couple Builds Art Museum to Entertain Pet Gerbils

The story of two bored art lovers who found a way to "a-mouse" themselves

El Tendedero/The Clothesline Project, an installation by Mónica Mayer in which women were invited to vent their frustrations about their city on a piece of pink paper

#5WomenArtists Campaign Tackles Gender Inequity for the Fifth Year in a Row

Though women make up nearly half of visual artists in the United States, they represent just 13 percent of artists in museum collections

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Welsh Man Is First to Walk the Length of the Yangtze River

Adventurer Ash Dykes took over a year to walk from the river's source in Tibet to its mouth in Shanghai

Papamargariti, Acedia (still from video work), 2019.

Miami Museum Launches Exhibition Exclusively on Instagram

Over eight weeks, 'Joyous Dystopia' is posting digital works by eight different artists

The experience unfolds across five rooms: the Recycle Bank, the Coral Tunnel, the Net Guard, the Jellyfish Station and the Bubble Mall.

Art Meets Science

A New Pop-Up Exhibit in NYC Immerses Visitors in a Deep-Sea Experience

Designer Randy Fernando says the show strives to be "interactive and playful," while also "incorporating touches of activism"

Wildflower enthusiasts waiting to exit toward Walker Canyon on March 9, 2019.

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Superbloom Turns Southern California City Into a #Poppynightmare

Lake Elsinore has seen tens of thousands of people descend on Walker Canyon to see the recent superbloom, overwhelming local resources

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