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Jaya Jaitly has fought for the survival of traditional crafts such as the earthen pots, pans, planters, piggy banks and pradip, or oil lamps.

Meet the Woman Fighting for the Survival of India's Traditional Crafts Culture

Jaya Jaitly aims to protect India's cultural heritage from the threat of globalized marketplaces

A Jodhpur court artist painted “Three Aspects of the Absolute,” illustrating the universe’s creation according to the Nath sect. Completed in 1823, the 3.5-by-5-foot painting accompanies the manuscript Nath Charit, a part of the Mehrangarh Museum’s Jodhpur Royal Collection.

Hatha Yoga Inspired Abstract Art a Century Before Rothko

Paintings recently discovered in Jodhpur's royal palace depict Nath yogis' understanding of the cosmos

In 1968, the Beatles ventured to the foothills of the Himalaya for a spiritual retreat.

How the Indian City of Rishikesh Influenced the Beatles' <i>White Album</i>

A meditation retreat in 1968 offered the British rock group heightened awareness and peace of mind

Trains link the greatest of Indian cities to the humblest of rice-farmer hamlets.

Want to See More of India? Take the Indian Railway

A window on the world from a four-bunk sleeper car

A modern baptismal rite takes place in the same Paravur pond in which the Apostle Thomas reputedly baptized Indian nobility in the first century.

The Surprisingly Early History of Christianity in India

Modern Syrian Christians of Kerala believe that the Apostle Thomas visited in A.D. 52 to baptize their ancestors

Tulsi Yadav teaches Shoba Narayan about the application and design of mehndi, or henna, at the Dera Mandawa haveli in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Formerly a private mansion, the Dera Mandawa is now a hotel.

A Quest to Master the Art of Henna

In anticipation of her daugher's wedding, Shoba Narayan set out to hone her mendhi craft

A man stretches into a west-facing extension known as paschimattanasana with his son perched on his back in padmasana, or lotus pose | Varanasi

Mind (and Body) Bending Photos Pay Homage to Yoga's Classical Lineage

Photographer Michael O'Neill spent a decade documenting the practice that saved his life

Prayer flags in North Sikkim, where the author traveled in search of clues about his grandfather

One Man's Epic Rail Journey to the Darjeeling Himalaya

A grandson retraces adventurer Francis K.I. Baird's mysterious trek to a remote village near the India-Tibet border

Nine Unique Gifts You Should Buy in Delhi

The embellished cave temples of Badami are among the earliest examples of rock-cut caves in southern India. The Chalukyas, who ruled over Deccan between the sixth and eighth centuries, oversaw the transition from rock-cut to freestanding, structural architecture.

The Remarkable Cave Temples of Southern India

Deccan's intricate monuments, many of which are carved into cliffs, date back to the sixth century

Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly: India

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