Rock Musicians


Who Do You Love?

Bo Diddley's beat changed the course of rock music. And his lyrics evoked a history that reached all the way to Africa

“I still get absolutely shocked,” says Spektor (in London in February 2006) of her rising popularity, “and that a very particularly amazing feeling.” Her virtuosity and singular style are attracting legions of fans, both mature and teen.

Russian Idol

Moscow-born Regina Spektor draws on classical music roots to create and perform pop songs of rare originality

Landon Nordeman, who is 33 and based in New York City, says he first got interested in Elvis' afterlife when he saw Ryan Pelton give a performance so riveting it transformed the auditorium into a time capsule.

Elvis Lives!

Thirty years after the King's death, there's still a whole lotta shakin' goin' on, thanks to legions of "tribute artists"

Presley in a Sun Records promotional photograph, 1954

Boy Wonder

For a few fleeting moments in 1956, Elvis Presley was still an unaffected kid from Tupelo, Mississippi, and the road to stardom seemed paved in possibility

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