Sesame Street Is Now a Real Place

In honor of its 50th anniversary on air, New York City has officially named the corner of West 63rd and Broadway after the beloved children's show

New Animal Overpass Is Already Protecting Critters in Washington State

The bridge over Interstate 90 will allow animals to cross the busy roadway and connects wildlife in the North and South Cascades

The plate’s display resembles a Kindle, except that letters and numbers are made up of monochromatic “e-ink.”

Will Digital License Plates Drive Us Forward or Leave Us Fuming?

California-based Reviver Auto has rolled out an electronic license plate that could benefit drivers, as well as cities and states

The Immigrant Story Behind the Classic "Greetings From" Postcards

Long before Instagram, Americans showed off their travels using Curt Teich's cheery linen postcards.

Route 66 and 10 Other Sites That Made the 2018 "Most Endangered Historic Places" List

The National Trust for Historic Preservation's annual list is out

Blame Tailgaters for Your Traffic Woes

Keeping an equal distance between cars ahead and behind may eliminate "phantom" traffic jams

Times Square traffic jam

Should U.S. Cities Use Congestion Pricing To Ease Traffic?

New York may soon charge a fee to drive into central Manhattan as a way of reducing traffic and raising funds for public transit

Truck tracks on the Nasca lines

Truck Driver Leaves Tire Tracks Over Peru's Ancient Nasca Lines

Three of the Unesco World Heritage site's enigmatic glyphs were harmed, but authorities believe they can repair the damage

Could a secret ingredient make crumbling concrete a thing of the past?

With Fungi in the Mix, Concrete Can Fill Its Own Cracks

Adding fungus might be one way to endow concrete with the ability to repair any damage, without the need for human intervention

The Abbey Road crosswalk, which has been moved slightly since 1969, in modern times.

A Short History of the Crosswalk

Pedestrian crosswalks and roads have a complicated relationship

Panda Habitat Is Severely Fragmented, Placing Pandas at Risk

Despite recent habitat improvements, roads and development are isolating panda populations

Part of the Great Trail in Nova Scotia

Canada Completes World's Longest Hiking Trail

After 25 years and millions of dollars, the coast-to-coast hiking, biking and paddling trail has an official route

Logs discovered under 168th Avenue in Grand Haven Township, Michigan

“Corduroy Road” From Civil War Era Found in Michigan

Used to stabilize swampy pathways, corduroy roads are among the earliest types of manufactured thoroughfares

A relatively significant number of people lace up their shoes to run across the country every year.

A Brief History of People Running Across America

Fictional character Forrest Gump wasn’t the only one to do it, not by a long shot

Rendering of the Innerbelt National Forest, a "pop-up forest" in Akron, Ohio

An Ohio City is Turning an Unused Highway Into a Pop-Up Forest

Akron, Ohio hopes to fight urban inequality by removing a divisive highway. Other cities across America are looking into doing the same.

Roman roof tile with its cat print

Cat Left a Pawprint in a 2,000-Year-Old Roman Roof Tile

While excavating a highway in Lincolnshire UK, archaeologists found thousands of artifacts, including tiles with dog, cat and deer prints

Marilyn Leistner, who was the last mayor of Times Beach, stands next to a caution sign erected in front of the town in 1991, not long before the town was bulldozed and buried.

How Agent Orange Turned This American Small Town Into a Toxic Waste-Ridden Deathtrap

“Walking into the houses, many of them were like people had just simply stood up, walked out and never come back”

This Adopt-A-Highway sign is located on the Florida Keys Scenic Highway. The program, which began in Texas, is now used by states across the country.

Two States Have Gone to Court to Keep the KKK From Adopting a Highway

In 2016, Georgia's Department of Transportation actually put the program on hold so it wouldn't have to respond to the hate group's application

An unidentified player takes a putt at the original "Tom Thumb Golf" built by Garnet Carter.

The Brief 1930s Craze for 'Tom Thumb Golf'

Miniature golf courses had been around before, but Garnet Carter gave it a roadside attraction spin

Monument declaring Rugby, North Dakota, the city claiming geographic center—until now.

New Calculations Reposition the Geographical Center of North America

After an 90-year-reign, the title moves from Rugby, North Dakota, to the city of Center, in Oliver County

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