Return of the Beasts

Elephant seals descend on California beaches for breeding season

National Zoo researchers (with Ume) are experimenting with cheetah fertility.

Breeding Cheetahs


Big Love

In a mating ritual, male humpback whales leap, splash and fight. But researchers ask: just what does a female whale want?

In the past decade or so, over 95 percent of India's vultures have died.

Soaring Hopes

The first two Asian vultures breed in captivity

The product of a ten-year Sino-American conservation effort, the cub may help scientists reestablish the endangered giant pandas in the wild, where about 1,600 are believed to exist.

Learning from Tai Shan

The giant panda born at Washington, D.C.'s National Zoo has charmed animal lovers. Now he's teaching scientists more than they had expected

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