Postpartum depression inflicts one in seven mothers after their child's birth.

21st Century Cures Act Tackles Postpartum Depression

The new legislation includes grants to help diagnose and treat this prevalent issue

How does a bear catch a break around here?

Decades-Old Chemicals May Be Threatening Polar Bear Fertility, As If They Didn’t Have Enough to Worry About

A new study sheds light on how today's pollutants could become tomorrow's threats to wildlife and humans

The male brown widow spider may not be as unlucky in love as we once thought.

Male Widow Spiders Prefer Younger Ladies—So They Don’t Get Eaten

This strategy means they live to mate again, upending assumptions about these arachnids

A nesting male with a female in his nest.

Give it Up, Sneaky Males: These Lady Fish Have You Outwitted

Female ocellated wrasses have developed a surprising trick to control who fathers their offspring

Thanks, evolution.

The Evolutionary Reason Why Women Orgasm

New research suggests the female orgasm is tied to ovulation, not reproduction

You ain't seen nothing yet.

There’s No Wrong Way to Make a Tadpole (or Froglet)

Marsupial frogs, “vomit frogs” and foam-spewers reveal the glorious range of frog baby-making techniques

An adult tammar wallaby on Kangaroo Island, Australia.

Mother Wallabies Are Delaying Births Due to Bright Lights

Marsupials exposed to artificial light had their babies a month later than those that spent nights solely lit by the stars and moon

A New Pregnancy Test Can Predict Twins, Down Syndrome and More

A U.K. company is developing a urine test that analyzes patterns of proteins for information about the health of an expectant mother and her baby

Excess Embryos: Families Are Now Adopting Unused Embryos Leftover from IVF Treatments

The practice is relatively new and touches on complicated legal and ethical issues

Unsurprisingly, some giant tortoises take issue with humans trying to watch them breed.

Tortoise Defends His Lady in a Super Slow Chase

Here’s what happens when you interrupt two giant reptiles just trying to get in a bit of quality time together

An African cotton leafworm moth.

These Moths Remember Where They Mated for the First Time

The locale of the African cotton leafworm moth’s first experience pairing up forms its future preferences, a new study shows

A male houbara bustard putting on an infinitely sexy "booming" display to impress the ladies.

Old Male Bustards Have Less Desirable Sperm

Male birds don’t just lose their female-wooing prowess as they age, but also their ability to sire healthy chicks

Pollutants Are Making Polar Bears' Penis Bones More Likely to Break

An industrial chemical contaminating the Arctic is further threatening a species already facing dire challenges

When Sperm Meets Egg, Zinc Sparks Fly

Billions of tiny zinc particles explode from the surface of mammalian eggs when a sperm cell touches down

MicroCHIPS, a startup formed by MIT researchers, has developed a drug delivery chip that is implanted under the skin.

Turn Your Birth Control On and Off With a Remote

Bill Gates is backing MicroCHIPS, a Massachusetts-based startup developing an implantable chip that releases birth control hormones on demand

A juvenile reticulated python in Malaysia

A Zoo Python Had Six Babies in a "Virgin Birth"

The 20-foot-long reptile hadn't had a chance to meet a mate, but she still laid 61 eggs

Newsflash: Technology Cannot Guarantee a Baby

The unregulated egg freezing industry is profitable for those involved, but prone to failure for those looking to get pregnant

For the First Time Ever, a Woman With a Transplanted Uterus Gave Birth to a Baby

Two more women with transplanted uteruses are due to give birth in the next couple of weeks, too

Not so mysterious: This is not a realistic depiction of a T. rex dinner.

The Ten Biggest Dinosaur Mysteries We Have Yet to Solve

Which one was the first, the biggest, the fuzziest? These puzzles continue to perplex paleontologists

Here's an Idea for Preventing Fetal Alcohol Syndrome: Free Pregnancy Tests in Bars

The tests are meant to catch unexpected pregnancies early on and to discourage pregnant women from drinking

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