Big Love

In a mating ritual, male humpback whales leap, splash and fight. But researchers ask: just what does a female whale want?


Songs from the Deep

Tuning in to why humpbacks sing

The Tonan Maru No. 2 whaling factory ship, drafted into military use, was damaged by a Dutch submarine while taking part in the landing at Kuching, Borneo.

Blood in the Water

Japan's lethal whale research draws criticism



Primatologist Brian Hare investigates the social behavior of chimpanzees and bonobos in Africa. But dogs and foxes showed him the way

Adhering to tradition is a way of life among the Zuni Indians of northwestern New Mexico, whether it's dryland farming or wedding ceremonies. "The Zuni's complex social web seems to hold people," says Dennis Tedlock. "Their religion and language provide...ethnic identity."

The Zuni Way

Though they embrace computers and TV, the secret of the tribe's unity lies in fealty to their past

The ozone hole over Antarctica is recovering. Can the lessons be applied to today's climate crisis?

Ahead in the Clouds

Susan Solomon helped patch the ozone hole. Now, as a leader of a major United Nations report—out this month—she's going after global warming


The Sound of Hoofs

In a breathtaking spectacle, wildebeest by the millions are on the move this month in the Serengeti

35 Who Made a Difference: Richard Leakey

The leader of the Hominid Gang asks what he can do for his continent

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