Tea Time, Hongkew, Shanghai, China, April 1946

Europe's Jews Found Refuge in Shanghai During the Holocaust

A new exhibition in Illinois centers the stories of the 20,000 Jewish refugees who fled to the Chinese city

Shef, which currently operates in the Bay Area and New York City, features meals made by chefs specializing in dozens of cuisines and hundreds of dishes.

Sick of Quarantine Cooking? New Companies Let Chefs Prepare Homemade Meals for You

Startups like Shef and WoodSpoon give Covid-impacted professional chefs and excellent home cooks a platform for sharing their food

Refugees established communities in displaced persons (DP) camps across Germany.

The Little-Known Story of World War II's 'Last Million' Displaced People

A new book by historian David Nasaw tells the story of refugees who could not—or would not—return home after the conflict

The Kindertransport memorial in Gdansk.

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Germany to Compensate Child Refugees Who Escaped the Nazis on the Kindertransport to Britain

The program brought an estimated 10,000 Jewish children from Nazi-controlled Europe to safety in Great Britain

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Anne Frank in 1940

Anne Frank’s Family Tried to Escape to the United States, New Research Shows

They were held back by war, restrictive immigration policies and bureaucratic red tape

The train to Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, a French village where strangers in need have been welcomed for centuries.

The Dispossessed

Identity Crisis: Three Photo Essays Highlight the Lives of the Dispossessed

In our chaotic era, there are outcasts—and people who take them in

In the foreground stand foundation remnants of a house where soldiers once searched for Jews. The family hid refugees in a secret compartment constructed between the interior walls.

The Dispossessed

This French Town Has Welcomed Refugees for 400 Years

For centuries, the people of the mountain village of Chambon-sur-Lignon have opened their arms to the world’s displaced

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