Prescription Drugs

SIRUM has facilitated the redistribution of 1 million pills to safety-net clinics to help serve about 20,000 patients in need.

Three Stanford Graduates Are Matching Unused Prescriptions With Patients Who Need Them

Unopened drugs—billions of dollars worth—are trashed in this country each year. What if they instead went to the 50 million who can't afford them?

Heroin Use Is on the Rise Again, Thanks to Suburban White Users

OxyContin is heroin's new gateway drug, experts say

Liver cells infected with Ebola

First Ever Experimental Drug Trials on Ebola Patients to Begin Next Month

Three potential Ebola drugs are being fast tracked to trials in west Africa

Prozac Doesn't Make Birds Happy

Birds on Prozac lose their appetite and libido

More and more people are dealing with routine health ailments through video calls.

Need a Quick Diagnosis? A Prescription for What Ails You? The Doctor Will Video Chat With You Now

One of the hottest trends in health care is telemedicine networks of doctors who diagnose ailments over the phone

Here’s Why There Will Probably Never Be a Hangover Prevention Pill

If it was easily doable, someone would have invented it already

Lone Bacteria Are More Likely to Become Drug Resistant Than Big Colonies

This finding could help design ways to prevent antibiotic resistance

This Drug Turns Back Time in Your Brain, Until, Like a Kid, You Can Learn New Skills

By increasing neural plasticity, this drug could open your mind to new abilities

Are there drugs that can enhance your memory?

Are Mind-Enhancing Drugs a Good Idea?

Scientists are testing drugs that can sharpen our brain. But will they give some people an unfair advantage?

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