Two watercolors by Egon Schiele, "Self-Portrait With Red Hair And Striped Oversleeves" and “Seated Boy With Folded Hands,” are being returned to the family of their original owner.

In "Solomonic Solution," Museum Returns Two Nazi-Looted Artworks to 95-Year-Old Descendant

After nearly 20 years of fighting, the Leopold Museum in Vienna has agreed to return the watercolors

This Mural Honoring Garbage Collectors Covers More Than 50 Buildings in Cairo

An enormous painting brightens up one of Cairo’s poorest neighborhoods

Every single one of the 148 million pixels in this portrait was based on Rembrandt's body of work.

"New" Rembrandt Created, 347 Years After the Dutch Master's Death

The painting was created using data from more than 168,000 fragments of Rembrandt’s work

A red pigment reference from the Forbes Pigment Collection helped prove that a supposed Jackson Pollock painting was a fake.

This Could Be the World’s Most Colorful Library

Harvard’s Forbes Pigment Collection preserves some of history’s most precious colors—and helps conserve the world’s greatest art

A Jodhpur court artist painted “Three Aspects of the Absolute,” illustrating the universe’s creation according to the Nath sect. Completed in 1823, the 3.5-by-5-foot painting accompanies the manuscript Nath Charit, a part of the Mehrangarh Museum’s Jodhpur Royal Collection.

Hatha Yoga Inspired Abstract Art a Century Before Rothko

Paintings recently discovered in Jodhpur's royal palace depict Nath yogis' understanding of the cosmos

Landscape of Change uses data lines reflecting sea level rise, glacier volume decline, increasing global temperatures and the increasing use of fossil fuels.

These Watercolor Paintings Actually Include Climate Change Data

Jill Pelto, an artist and scientist, incorporates graphs of rising sea levels and soaring temperatures in her artwork

One Artist Has a Monopoly on the World's Blackest Black Pigment

Artists are up in arms over Anish Kapoor’s exclusive rights to "vantablack"

Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton (Mrs. Alexander Hamilton), 1787, Ralph Earl (1751-1801).

Elizabeth Hamilton Once Posed for a Portrait in a New York City Prison

There was a dire need for painters to immortalize America’s elites

"Cakeland Vault"

Wander About Inside This Giant Cake Sculpture

Try to refrain from eating the art

Former Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Thomas Peter Lantos (D-Calif.) and his poodle, Gigi.

Congress Won’t Pay For Official Portraits Anymore

The government will stop using taxpayer dollars to immortalize lawmakers in the traditional fashion

"Chevalier de Saint-Denis," Thierry Poncelet.

You Too Can Own a Portrait of a Dog Dressed as a Person

Dog art auctions put the spotlight on man’s best friend

Digital Projections Show the Vivid Colors That Once Decorated an Egyptian Temple

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is adding a bright flourish to the Temple of Dendur

More than 25 specialists worked on the replica cave over the course of three years.

See the World Like a Paleolithic Cave Dweller With This Replica of the Lascaux Cave Paintings

Go back in time with the help of some talented French artists

"John Dee Performing an Experiment before Elizabeth I"

A Painting of John Dee, Astrologer to Queen Elizabeth I, Contains a Hidden Ring of Skulls

The life and work of John Dee contained a strange mix of science and magic

Andy Warhol's portraits of Queen Elizabeth on view at the National Portrait Gallery in London. Several works from this series are hung in British embassies in the United States.

You Can Only See a Fraction of These Publicly Owned British Artworks

Parliament official says thousands of government-owned artworks belong in a gallery

Indians with Umbrellas, 1971.

How Native American Artist Fritz Scholder Forever Changed the Art World

An exhibit in Denver looks at why we should all be grateful that Scholder broke his word

X-Rays Unveil Hidden Paintings Beneath an Avant-Garde Classic

The brightly-colored cubist work below "Black Square" adds new dimensions to a masterpiece

Amedeo Modigliani, "Nu Couché," 1917

This Is the Second-Most Expensive Artwork Ever Sold At Auction

Amedeo Modigliani's Nu Couché drew a stunning $170.4 million

Bonus points if you can find a cat in this picture.

Someone Just Paid $826,000 for the Greatest Cat Painting of All Time

"My Wife's Lovers" pays tribute to the wealthiest cats of the 1890s

Why Does the Internet Hate Renoir?

A tongue-in-cheek protest movement wants to remove the artist's paintings from museums

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