Can a lab-made gel, added to foods, actually make it possible to munch your way to a trimmer figure?

Eating This Gel Might Help You Lose Weight

It's not a diet pill, but researchers have developed an edible substance that makes you feel fuller longer

There are 40 ground-up crickets in every bar.

Are You Ready For Protein Bars Made From Crickets?

They’re good for you and the environment, but are they good enough to eat?


Just Because Farmers Grow Fresh Produce Doesn’t Mean They’re Eating It

Without the help of a farm wife (or husband) who can take responsibility for running the household's kitchen, farmers often subsist on processed snacks

Batang, a female orangutan at the National Zoo, snacks on a pumpkin.

How to Cook Meals for the 2,000 Animals at the National Zoo

Secretary Clough explains how the Zoo’s chefs prepare food for 400 different species

Nutritional supplements.

Vitamins: Friend or Foe?

The truth to vitamin supplements

Healthy Holiday Eating Strategies

Tips for navigating the treacherous terrain of holiday parties

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