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An interpretation of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

As Global Food Prices Climb, So Does the Probability of Riots

Rising food prices set the stage for riots and instability


To Relieve Lab Rabbits’ Pain, Scientists Work to Measure It

Researchers hope a new scale defining and measuring rabbit discomfort helps probing scientists recognize and avoid putting their subjects through too much pain


The Physics of Eating Candy

For certain sweet treats, researchers found, patient indulgers can enjoy a single piece of candy for up to nearly half an hour - so long as they resist the urge to bite or chew

America’s Smaller Cities Are Becoming More Diverse

The U.S. is becoming increasingly diverse outside of its traditional "melting pot" urban centers, according to a new study from Brown University

In 2009, Getting a Seasonal Flu Shot Put You At Risk for That Year’s Pandemic Swine Flu

People who got the seasonal flu shot were more affected by the pandemic H1N1


For Athletes, Time Really Does Slow Down

Neuroscientists now think that the perception of time might really slow down for athletes before the big moment

Nature’s Sunscreen: A Big Bushy Beard

Beards block sunlight and could help prevent sunburns, but there may be side effects


Scientists Don’t Sleep

Scientific researchers continue working into the wee hours of the morning, but the experiments they really want to do would take 1,000 lifetimes


Admitting That Big Ugly Spider Is Terrifying Will Make It Less Frightening

Talk about your fear while you do the thing you fear most, and you might have better luck overcoming your phobia

Even More Evidence That Football Causes Brain Injury

A new study found football players were nearly four times more likely to have died from Alzheimer's disease or Lou Gehrig's disease

New Camouflage Makeup Protects Soldiers From Bomb Burns

Soldiers are adding a new makeup to their war wardrobe that protects them from bomb blast burns

Could Skyscrapers Be Made of Wood?

An excess of dead wood in Canada has designers thinking big


Slept Through Physics? Maybe It Doesn’t Matter

Does sleeping through physics - or math class for that matter - really make a difference to your life?

An octopus in the eastern Pacific

Global Warming Could Increase Biodiversity

Gentle global warming could be a boon for marine biodiversity


This New Species of Stick Bug Is Big, Slow, Colorful and Smelly

A new species discovered in the Philippines has scientists wondering just how many animals we're missing out on


Your Beer Glass May Be Making You Drink More

New research shows that it might be influencing how much booze you down thanks to an optical illusion that makes curved glasses seem more alcoholically innocent than they really are

Birds Hold Funerals For Fallen Comrades

Researchers observed that western scrub jays hold funeral reveries for fallen comrades

A 2002 wildfire in Colorado

Fires Are Escaping Our Ability to Predict Their Behavior

Today's fires are bigger, weirder, and way harder to model

A fishing trawler off the coast of Turkey.

Lighted Escape Hatches Could Help Little Fish Flee Trawlers’ Nets

Rigid illuminated rings could help unwanted bycatch escape from fishing nets


Real-Life Cyborg Heart is Beating at Harvard

Harvard scientists infused rat heart cells with wires and transistors that monitor the tissue's electrical impulses

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