Several Yanomami at the community of Irotatheri, in Venezuela, wait to preform a dance for visiting journalists

Even an Isolated Amazonian Tribe’s Microbes Are Antibiotic Resistant

The finding of antibiotic resistance in people who have never taken antibiotics highlights how hard it will be to combat superbugs

Scientists Predict Obesity Rates by Examining Sewage Microbes

The microbial makeup of a city's sewage can indicate its population's physique

You can thank these Theobroma cacao flowers for your brownie sundae.

You Wouldn't Have Chocolate Without Invisible Flies and Extreme Yeast

It takes a wild and temperamental menagerie to bring the beloved candy to store shelves. Bon appétit!

A scanning electron micrograph of Escherichia coli, one of the most common species of gut bacteria.

More Evidence That There's a Connection Between a Person's Gut Bacteria And Brain

Bacteria can affect your brain, but it's still too early to do much with the information

Nope nope nope.

You Don’t Even Want to Know About All the Stuff Living on Your Eyeball

Even eyes can't escape the microbiome

Your Microbes Get Jet Lagged, Too

When bacteria's circadian rhythm is disrupted, they become worse at their jobs

No amount of scrubbing is going to stop the fact that your house is coated in your bacteria

Your House’s Germs Are Yours, And They’ll Follow You If You Move

Your house is laced with microbes shed by your body

The Microbes That Make Cheese Taste Good Are Surprisingly Universal

Just a dozen different types of bacteria and fungi tend to dominate all different cheese types

Foldscopes assembled.

This Paper Microscope Costs Just 97 Cents

Foldscope is a paper microscope that fits in your pocket and can be assembled for less than a dollar. And it works, too.

Small lungs made out of felt, infused with the DNA from killed Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria.

An Artist Dyes Clothes and Quilts With Tuberculosis and Staph Bacteria

Anna Dumitriu combines bacteria and textile design to explore our relationship with microorganisms

Not the best place to get diarrhea.

What Does Space Do To Your Microbiome?

Nobody wants E. coli on a trip to Mars

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