Girls CAN Do Math (Duh)


Crocheting a Coral Reef


Learning About Magnets, Electricity and Acceleration at the Amusement Park

"Woman teaching geometry" Illustration at the beginning of a medieval translation of Euclid's Elements (c. 1310 AD)

Female Scientists Aren't THAT Rare

There are plenty of deserving women who never got so much as a nod.

Frustrated by human error, mathematician and inventor Charles Babbage designed a machine to perform mathematical functions and automatically print the results.

Booting Up a Computer Pioneer’s 200-Year-Old Design

Charles Babbage, the grandfather of the computer, envisioned a calculating machine that was never built, until now


Happy Pi Day!

In honor of Pi Day this year, I present the first 2009 digits of Pi


Dispatch from AAAS—Origami and Objects that Cannot Exist

This weekend, blog overseer Laura and I are writing from the AAAS Annual Meeting in Chicago. The press briefing began with four scientists gazing upwards


Does Rugby Predict Pope's Doom?


Why Is Minnesota's Recount Doomed?

Charles Seife wrote an op-ed for yesterday's New York Times about the recount in Minnesota, which seems like it ought to be a simple problem but isn't

Tao, 32, does mathematic both pure and practical—from proving that prime number patterns come in every conceivable shape to deriving solutions needed for the next generation of digital camera and MRI scanners.

Primed for Success

Terence Tao is regarded as first among equals among young mathematicians, but who's counting

35 Who Made a Difference: Robert Moses

A former civil rights activist revolutionizes the teaching of mathematics


Squaring the Circle Is No Piece of Pi

Mathematicians have sliced, and now supercomputers have crunched, but the mystery of pi goes on and on and...

A Freedom Summer Activist Becomes a Math Revolutionary

In the Algebra Project Robert Moses uses subway rides, gumdrops and everyday experiences to help kids cope with exponents and negative numbers

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