Researchers say that wild plants that gave rise to today’s three lineages of cannabis grew in present-day China.

New Study Suggests Cannabis' Wild Ancestors Likely Came from China

The analysis identifies East Asia as a potential source of genetic diversity for the growing market for medical and recreational marijuana

Indoor cannabis growing in California.

New Research

Growing an Ounce of Pot Indoors Can Emit as Much Carbon as Burning a Full Tank of Gas

In some parts of the United States, the growing cannabis industry is responsible for significant greenhouse gas emissions

Participants likely used wooden bowls known as braziers to burn cannabis and release its mind-altering vapors

Cool Finds

The First Evidence of Smoking Pot Was Found in a 2,500-Year-Old Pot

A new study suggests ancient humans used cannabis to commune with nature, spirits or even the dead

Observers in the galleries of a legislative hearing about a marijuana bill in May 1973

History of Now

Why the 1970s Effort to Decriminalize Marijuana Failed

The explosion of kid-friendly paraphernalia led the federal government to crack down on pot

Hemp harvest at Mount Vernon

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Hemp Makes a Return to George Washington's Farm

The first crop of industrial hemp grown in centuries was recently harvested at Mount Vernon

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Marijuana Advocates Want to Establish a Standard Unit of Highness

What’s the weed equivalent to an alcoholic drink?

Levi Woodbury is on the $1 stamp; George M. Bibb,  on the $5 stamp. Robert Walker is on the $10 stamp and James Guthrie is on the $50 stamp. George Washington is on the extremely rare $100 stamp.

Before Reefer Madness, High Times and 4/20, There Was the Marijuana Revenue Stamp

Originally designed in the 1930s to restrict access to the drug, these stamps draw a curious crowd to the Postal Museum

New Research

In 1965, 45 Percent of Americans Smoked, Today It's Only 15 Percent

That’s the lowest percentage ever recorded

Does this look like a stoner to you?

New Research

Did Shakespeare Smoke Pot?

Tobacco pipes in the Bard’s backyard may retain traces of cannabis, but some historians remain skeptical

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Cannabis is Being Used to Build Homes

“Hempcrete” turns weed into building materials

Some sommelier have taken an interest in pairing strains of marijuana with wine varieties.

Which Wine Should You Pair With Your Weed?

Forget the cheese and charcuterie

Marijuana buds are often two to three times as potent as they were 30 years ago.

New Research

Modern Marijuana Is Often Laced With Heavy Metals and Fungus

Medical and recreational marijuana use is increasingly legal—but do consumers know what they're smoking?


Denver Police Stoke a New Halloween Fear—Pot-Laced Candy

You really think people are going to give marijuana away?

New Research

Pot Smokers' Brains Are Different

But we can’t say for sure whether it's pot that made them that way

New Research

Give Rats THC, And Their Kids' Brains Look Different

The progeny of rats that were exposed to marijuana show some differences

New Research

A Scientific Explanation of How Marijuana Causes the Munchies

THC appears to increase our sensitivity to scents and flavors by using naturally occurring neural networks to convince the brain that it's starving

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