Local Lens


A Diver Captures Bermuda Below the Surface

Weldon Wade curates a refreshing Instagram feed focused on ocean conservation and the sport of free diving

Magic Moments, April 2018

A Photographer Captures Contrasts and Characters in Barcelona's Streets

Josep Fabrega Agea, a retired teacher and psychosociologist, points his lens at the city's dark corners and poetic places


Color-Soaked Photographs Capture Norway's Watery Wonderlands

“One Eye Project” explores liquid landscapes and reflections of Norway’s greatest sites



How to Eat Like a Local in Vienna, Austria

Instagrammer Sothany Kim dishes on nicotine breakfasts, third-wave coffee houses and enemy bakers in Austria’s capital


Star-Studded Photos Reveal the Beauty of Armenia's Ancient Landscapes

The photographer behind 'Your beautiful eyes' documents his country's storied landscape beneath canopies of stars



See Yerevan Through a Local's Lens

Eduard Kankanyan's visual journals offer a view into Armenia's capital that most travelers don't see

Atlas of Eating

Local Lens: Our Favorite Instagram Tongue Teasers

Hailing from Vietnam, Turkey and Italy, these photographers show that a love of beautifully arranged food knows no borders

Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly: Cuba

A Photojournalist Captures Dramatic Portraits of Dancers in the Streets of Cuba

For Gabriel Davalos, photography is about storytelling

A sidewalk vendor, known as a "betel nut beauty," sells snacks on a curb in New Taipei.

Smithsonian.com Photo Contest: Featured Photographer

These Eclectic Images Reveal Taiwan's Many Moods

A highlight from our photo contest: Local photographer Yingting Shih captures surprising and unique moments in his travels


These Black and White Images Reveal a Vienna Most Travelers Don’t See

Photographer Carl Yurttas captures the city's many moods

Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly: India

Local Lens: Life on the Streets of Old Delhi

Instagram photographer Arjun Chhabra captures raw moments in the city's alleyways and courtyards

Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly: Venice

The Beauty of Venice's Everyday

Instagram photographer Alvise Giovannini discovers Venice beyond its iconic symbols and places


Smithsonian Journeys Travel Quarterly: Inca Road

Photographer Yolanda Escobar Jiménez Captures Ecuador's Street Scenes

Take a peek inside Jiménez's visual journals

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