A group of French Carthusian monks are the only producers of Chartreuse—and despite high demand, they aren't planning to increase production.

French Monks Are Driving the Chartreuse Shortage

Dating back to 1605, the closely guarded recipe is becoming increasingly popular

Co-founder Rino Dubokovic says his intention is not to glorify alcoholism, but to represent the experience of sharing light-hearted, boozy stories with friends.

Croatia's Museum of Hangovers Is an Ode to Boozy Shenanigans

But critics have raised concerns that the museum makes light of alcohol abuse

A Hangover Pill Is Working on Drunk Mice

The new antidote may lower blood alcohol levels, helping a hangover and preventing alcohol overdose deaths

Can you tell the difference between bourbon and rye?

Can You Really Tell the Difference Between Bourbon and Rye?

Drexel University puts professional tasters to the test

Here’s What Happens When You Age Whisky

Hint: The barrel really does matter

There’s More Bourbon in Kentucky Right now Than any Other Time in the Last 40 Years

Whiskey lovers, take note: the state currently boasts 5.7 million barrels of aging bourbon

A display of Jim Beam bourbons at a Kentucky distillery.

What Makes Bourbon Uniquely American?

A new book examines everything that makes the spirit special to the United States

An illustration from Frank Leslie's Illustrated Newspaper that depicts soldiers raiding an illegal distillery in Brooklyn in 1869.

The Whiskey Wars That Left Brooklyn in Ruins

Unwilling to pay their taxes, distillers in New York City faced an army willing to go to the extreme to enforce the law


Physicists Explain Why Coffee Is More Prone to Spills Than Beer

It all comes down to the foam

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