Lewis and Clark


Westward Ho!

The corps begins its epic journey


Off the Charts

Going where few cartographers have gone before, the expedition members hope to find a river that will carry them all the way to the Pacific Ocean


Osage Oranges Take a Bough

The first shipment of botanical specimens sent to President Jefferson contained the seeds of thousands of miles of fences


A Sumpcious Dinner

William Clark—a better explorer than speller—tells his older brother of the impending transfer of the Louisiana Territory to the United States


Looking For a Few Good Men

While the budding Corps of Discovery plans the expedition near St. Louis, William Clark grades the recruits


Meriwether Lewis Gets His Marching Orders

Jefferson spells out the mission

Six accounts by Corps members (a woodcut, from Gass' journal, 1810 edition) have provided grist for generations of historians.

Why Lewis and Clark Matter

Amid all the hoopla, it's easy to lose sight of the expedition's true significance


Iron Will

While William Clark is best known for the expedition he made with Meriwether Lewis, his later life was as historic and more consequential

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