Indian Ocean

This year, the Great Barrier Reef was found to be hiding another reef beneath it.

Top Eight Ocean Stories That Made Waves in 2016

2016 wasn't all bad: Stubborn environmental problems were livened up thanks to new solutions, “gee whiz” discoveries and mysterious orbs

Coconut Crab's Pinch Among the Strongest in the World

The unusual crustacean's pincer rivals the bite of a lion

African penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo

The Search for Buddy the Kidnapped Penguin Continues

Two students stole and released an endangered African penguin from an Oceanarium. The problem is Buddy doesn't have the skills to survive

What's Over the Horizon? These New Maps Will Show You

Andy Woodruff's line of sight maps show what you're facing from any coastline in the world

Some of the divers from Blue Water Recoveries excavating artifacts from the wreck of the Esmeralda

Found: 500-Year-Old Portuguese Shipwreck From Famed Explorer's Fleet

A warship from the famous navigator Vasco da Gama’s fleet has been excavated in the waters off Al Hallaniyah island in Oman

Christmas Island Red Crab

Christmas Island Is 63 Percent National Parkland...And Has More Crabs Than People

This nature's paradise is hard to get to, but is home to a fascinating phenomenon

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