Ten-year-old Noah Cordle visited the National Museum of Natural History on November 3 to donate a Clovis point he found in New Jersey. He and his parents (right) met with the museum's Dennis Stanford (left).

This Fifth Grader Found a 14,000-Year-Old Clovis Point, Likely Unearthed From Hurricane Sandy

Noah Cordle was boogie boarding in New Jersey when he came upon an ancient hunting tool

Cheetahs taking it easy in the Kalahari desert, Botswana.

Cheetahs Spend 90 Percent of Their Days Sitting Around

When human presence forces cheetahs to expend more energy, however, it put the animals' survival at risk

Balan, the Blowpipe maker.

Meet One of the Last Bornean Elders Who Still Makes Traditional Poison Dart Blowpipes

It takes two days of constant drilling by hand to create a single pipe, which can be used to hunting animals

Drone-Assisted Hunting Banned in Alaska

“Under hunting regulations, unless it specifically says that it’s illegal, you’re allowed to do it."

Elephants Identify Dangerous People by Their Gender, Their Clothes And Even the Language They Speak

Wild Kenyan elephant have learned to identify Maasai men as dangerous threats

There's New Evidence That Communist Leaders Secretly Airlifted Bears to Bulgaria in the '70s and '80s

Some of these Bulgarian bears are not genetically like the others...

Congo's second civil war ended in 2003, but ongoing conflict has left millions displaced. Two million were forced from their homes in 2012, for instance, due to violence in the eastern part of the country.

Congo’s Civil Wars Took A Toll On Its Forests

Conflicts drove the human population deep into protected areas, satellite maps reveal

Researchers recreated what the 7,000 year-old man likely looked like.

Just Call This Hunter-Gatherer Ol' Blue-Eyes

DNA from an ancient human tooth found in a cave in Spain reveals one European hunter-gatherer's complexion

There Is a Way to Make Lion Hunting Good for Lions

A contentious issue may have a bright side

Guadalupe White Shark

Great White Sharks Are Being Killed Before They Can Become Truly Gigantic

Sharks aren't shrinking, they're just being hunted and inadvertently killed by fishing nets so often that they're no longer living long enough to grow up

Infamously fierce, rhinoceroses, pictured is a black rhino in Kenya, are victims of rumors that have driven the price of their horn to hundreds of dollars an ounce.

Defending the Rhino

As demand for rhino horn soars, police and conservationists in South Africa pit technology against increasingly sophisticated poachers

Every day California sea otters spend 10 to 12 hours hunting and consume nearly a third of their body weight.

Otters: The Picky Eaters of the Pacific

Could the California sea otters' peculiar dietary habits be impeding their resurgence?

One of the most famous hominid fossils is the skull of a 3-year-old child found in Taung, South Africa. The child lived about three million to two million years ago. The skull has holes punched into its eye sockets; they were made by the talons of a large bird akin to an African crowned eagle.

The Top Ten Deadliest Animals of Our Evolutionary Past

Humans may be near the top of the food chain now, but who were our ancestors’ biggest predators?

Seldom-seen rulers of their wintry domain, lynx may face new threats.

Tracking the Elusive Lynx

Rare and maddeningly elusive, the "ghost cat" tries to give scientists the slip high in the mountains of Montana

These pigs are used for baying, which is how hunters train their dogs to bring the pigs down.

A Plague of Pigs in Texas

Now numbering in the millions, these shockingly destructive and invasive wild hogs wreak havoc across the southern United States

In 1898, two lions attacked dozens of people before Lt. Col. Patterson killed the cats.

Man-Eaters of Tsavo

They are perhaps the world’s most notorious wild lions. Their ancestors were vilified more than 100 years ago as the man-eaters of Tsavo

Biologists long believed that lions band together to hunt prey.  But Craig Packer and colleagues have found that's not the main reason the animals team up.

The Truth About Lions

The world's foremost lion expert reveals the brutal, secret world of the king of beasts

In flight, Noctilio leporinus curls its head down to bite into the fish.

The Call of the Panama Bats

Scientist Elisabeth Kalko uses high-tech equipment to track and study the 120 bat species in the region

Many man-eaters are wounded or old; some have been deprived of natural prey sources; others may simply have developed a fondness for human flesh.

The Most Ferocious Man-Eating Lions

Africa's lions may usually prey on zebras or giraffes, but they also attack humans, with some lions responsible for over 50 deaths

John Marshall began filming the Ju/'hoansi people in 1950.  Later, he set up a foundation to help the tribe in its struggle for self-determination.

Recording the Ju/'hoansi for Posterity

For 50 years, John Marshall documented one of Africa's last remaining hunter- gatherer tribes in more than 700 hours of film footage

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