An elephant at Moremi Game Reserve in Maun, Botswana.

Five Things to Know About Botswana’s Decision to Lift Ban on Hunting Elephants

The move has been criticized by conservationists but lauded by locals who say wild elephants are ruining their livelihoods

Qumangapik, age 16, hunts seals near Thule. Inuit were exempted from the 2010 European Union law banning 
the trade of seal products.

At the Edge of the Ice

Deep inside the Arctic Circle, Inuit hunters embrace modern technology but preserve a traditional way of life

An Orangutan Was Shot 74 Times. She Survived.

Dubbed ‘Hope,’ the orangutan was blinded by gunshots to her eyes. She also sustained bone fractures and had been stabbed with a sharp tool.

The Carcasses That Mountain Lions Leave Behind Power Entire Insect Ecosystems

A new study shows 215 species of beetles rely on the big cats' leftovers

The gray tufted langur was a favorite target for the early humans of Fa Hien Cave in Sri Lanka.

Ancient Humans Living in the Rainforest Hunted Monkeys and Squirrels

After analyzing nearly 15,000 animal remains in Sri Lanka, scientists found humans used carved stone and bone fragments to hunt small game

The Somali ostrich is prized for its meat, feathers, leather and eggs

Human Hunting Is Driving the World's Biggest Animals Toward Extinction

A new analysis found that 70 percent of Earth's largest creatures are decreasing in number, while 59 percent are at risk of extinction

Researchers from University College London recruited six javelin athletes to test the efficacy of Neanderthal spear replicas

Neanderthals Used Spears to Hunt Targets From Afar

New analysis adds to growing body of literature suggesting these early human ancestors were more advanced than previously believed

Harpoon aboard a Japanese whaling ship

Japan to Launch Commercial Whaling Operations This Summer

The country has announced that it is leaving the International Whaling Commission

In Bambi, the titular fawn's mother is shot by unseen antagonist "Man" in a notoriously heart-wrenching scene

Man Convicted of Poaching Ordered to Watch ‘Bambi’ Monthly While in Jail

David Berry Jr. of Missouri was implicated in a multi-year hunting operation that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of deer

A new exhibition featuring rare books from the Smithsonian Libraries examines the complex history and evolution of big game hunting.

The Complicated History of the Human and Elephant Relationship

With the new exhibition, “Game Change,” Smithsonian Libraries delves into 150 years of hunting and conservation

R.I.P., guppy.

Praying Mantis Seen Hunting Fish for the First Time

The ravenous insect repeatedly returned to the hunting site, suggesting praying mantises may be capable of complex learning

Giraffe pillows and hide for sale in Florida.

Americans Have a Surprisingly Large Appetite for Giraffe Parts

An investigation shows 40,000 giraffe products representing 4,000 of the endangered animals have been legally imported over the last decade

Walrus-tusk wealth

Greenland's Vikings Got Wealthy Off Walrus Tusks

New DNA study reveals how the Norse Greenlanders cornered the market on ivory in Europe

Archaeologists unearthed the 14,400-year-old breadcrumbs while excavating a pair of stone fireplaces in northeast Jordan

Archaeologists Discover Evidence of Bread Baked Before Advent of Agriculture

The bread, which was found in northeast Jordan, dates back about 14,400 years and likely resembled modern-day wraps

This Footage of Jaguars in Panama Could Save Their Lives

Ricardo Moreno is on a mission to convince Panamanian farmers not to hunt jaguars, which they fear are preying on their livestock

A whale is captured by the Yushin Maru, a Japanese harpoon vessel.

Japan Killed 112 Pregnant Whales in the Name of Scientific Research

The country claims the catch is to obtain a range of data on the creatures

Fossil Tracks May Record Ancient Humans Hunting Giant Sloths

The tracks suggest a human—perhaps in search of food—closely followed the movements of the massive creature

Meet the Nomad Girl Who Hunts With a Golden Eagle

Aisholpan Nurgaiv is a Kazakh girl trained by her father from childhood to be an eagle huntress and is the star of the award-winning documentary

This Mountain Lion Hides Her Kills in Abandoned Ranches

Adventurer Casey Anderson has tracked a female mountain lion to her unlikely den: an abandoned ranch close to his home

An urban coyote makes itself at home in a vacant lot on Chicago's near North Side.

Foxes and Coyotes are Natural Enemies. Or Are They?

Urban environments change the behavior of predator species—and that might have big implications for humans

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