The museum featured replicas of a pioneer school, mining cabin, blacksmith's shop and more

Paradise's Gold Nugget Museum Falls Victim to Camp Fire

The beloved local institution was founded in 1973 to commemorate the town’s prospecting past

The fire in Griffith Park was largely extinguished by late Friday

How the Los Angeles Zoo Prepares Its Animals to Face Natural Disasters

The institution sprung into action late last week, evacuating birds and some smaller primates before firefighters contained a nearby blaze in Griffith Park

Paramount Ranch hosted an array of Classic Hollywood stars, including Carole Lombard, the Marx Brothers and Bob Hope

100 Years of Hollywood History Lost as California Inferno Destroys Paramount Ranch

The ranch's Western Town served as the one of the sets of popular HBO drama 'Westworld'

When in Rome...

The Physics of a Perfect Pizza

It takes just the right amount of heat and conduction to turn dough into the perfect Roman Margherita pizza

The institution begins the long road to restoration

Brazil’s National Museum Launches Rebuilding Efforts with Temporary Exhibition of Surviving Collection

Stabilization work must be completed before experts can assess extent of damage to museum’s collection of more than 20 million artifacts

The National Museum, seen from above, after the overnight fire in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Why Brazil's National Museum Fire Was a Devastating Blow to South America's Cultural Heritage

The collection of more than 20 million artifacts included the oldest fossil found in the Americas and a trove of indigenous literature

Fire Closes Yosemite Valley Indefinitely

Smoke and flames from the Ferguson Fire have closed the roads to the National Park's most popular attraction at the height of tourist season

The Science Behind California's "Fire Tornado"

The spinning mass of smoke filmed near Redding, California, is much taller, wider and lasted longer than average fire whirls

Study Suggests Neanderthals Sparked Their Own Fire

Hand-axe wear suggests our hominid cousins used flint and pyrite to unleash Prometheus' gift

Two tacos, extra ghost pepper sauce, please!

Tree Shrews Love Hot Peppers Because They Don't Feel the Burn

A genetic mutation prevents Chinese tree shrews from feeling the heat of capsaicin, making them the only other mammal besides humans that enjoys hot foods

Exterior of the Iroquois Theatre, Chicago, Illinois, 1903

The Iroquois Theater Disaster Killed Hundreds and Changed Fire Safety Forever

The deadly conflagration ushered in a series of reforms that are still visible today

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