Symbolically Speaking

A Q&A with hieroglyphs expert Janice Kamrin


Digging up Egypt's Treasures

The ten most significant discoveries in the past 20 years


Understanding the Lasting Allure of the Rosetta Stone

An Egyptologist explains the importance of the artifact

Researchers collect core samples in 2001. During drilling operations, several anchors placed by divers secured the boat to the sea floor.

Underwater World

New evidence reveals a city beneath ancient Alexandria

Lawler, upriver from Alexandria in the Sudan: "The feeling of Alexandria was more evocative of the ancient world than anywhere else."

City of the Imagination

Andrew Lawler, author of "Raising Alexandria" talks about the hidden history of Egypt's fabled seaside capital


Interview with Elizabeth Wilson, Author of "The Queen Who Would Be King"

Wilson discusses what drew her to study the pharaoh, and Hatshepsut's enduring allure


Interview with Andrew Lawler, Author of "A Mystery Fit for a Pharaoh"

Andrew Lawler discusses imperialism and the natural romance of studying ancient cultures.

35 Who Made a Difference: Mark Lehner

He took the blue-collar approach to the great monuments of Egypt

Three black granite statues of the pharaoh Senusret III, c. 1850 BC

Eternal Egypt

A landmark traveling exhibition features masterworks from the British Museum's collection of ancient Egyptian art

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